There are games that people play because they have great stories, a ton of ultra violent action, or just liquid smooth gameplay. And then there are games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, which are, um…bouncy fun. The whole concept behind the DOA Xtreme series has been to take Dead or Alive’s fighting girls, and give them a vacation at a resort beach with as many skimpy swimsuits as you can possibly imagine.

Don’t laugh, because the first game was actually a pretty good game. The volleyball game was well done, and there were extra mini-games. The folks behind the DOA franchises, Team Ninja, stay true to their strengths by creating great visuals and accessible controls. In Xtreme 2, they fixed the big problem from the first game, in which it was too short. Plus, the developers added a couple of new mini-games. Marine Race is the big addition, where the girls jet ski all over the place. Other mini-games include stuff like the butt battle (literally, 2 girls use their butts to knock the other off of a platform and into a pool), tug-of-war, watersliding, beach flag, and a couple of other surprises to help round out the game.

Let’s be real honest here, though: the major reason that fans will buy this game is its sex appeal. It has hot girls wearing skimpy bathing suits, and they are very, very, very bouncy and jiggly and all sorts of good stuff. But there is a rule of thumb, if you have a girlfriend, please don’t buy this game. The game’s physics engine totally takes ragdoll physics in a different direction with the girls’ boobies. And yes, to be politically correct, NO ONE bounces like that. Well, except for Pamela Anderson. The camera angles will also give fans nosebleeds. It might be a good thing to leave a box of tissues around, just in case you need it while playing the game.

Wait, did I just say that? Crap, I did. Ok, gamers, keep your hands on the controls AT ALL TIMES. And don’t ever shake hands with me.



All kidding aside, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 is shaping up to be a nice addition to the 360. It’s a nice diversion from the ultra violent and overwrought storyline driven games out there. And it just so happens to be the kind of guilty pleasure you don’t tell your mom about.

Here’s the trailer, and if any girls are watching this, I want to publicly apologize for the trailer. Actually, I really don’t mean that. I just want to cover my ass in case my girlfriend finds out I wrote this article.

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