Fall Movie Preview: The Profit vs. Prestige Venn Diagram

Welcome to fall movie season, where it's all about awards bait if you look in one direction (hello, August: Osage County!) and all about oddball blockbusters if you look in another (happy to see you, Riddick). Like any other time for movie releases, autumn is all about what you make of it, whether that's catching the three-hour French drama about lesbians or counting down the days until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. But if you want an advance look at which films are begging for awards and which are best paired with a giant tub of popcorn, look no further

Does World War Z's PG-13 Rating Hurt It?

As a big-budget, summer blockbuster zombie movie, World War Z had pretty much no choice but to go with a PG-13 rating, which makes it by far the most bloodless zombie movie of recent movie. Because it's such a big movie, with more scenes of zombie hordes overrunning a city than close-up moments of zombie destruction, it gets away with it… to a certain point. Can a PG-13 movie really be a zombie movie, or do you need the blood to even understand the story?

Your Guide To This Is The End's Many Connections And In-Jokes

Seth Rogen and his co-director Evan Goldberg collected their famous buddies and somehow convinced all of them to play themselves, which left room for a million in-jokes at the expense of nearly every movie the guys have made. Before you get the chance to mock them about the idea of a Pineapple Express 2 or James Franco hanging on to the camera from 127 Hours, believe us, they've made it first

Can Man Of Steel Convert A Superman Skeptic?

If there's anything close to a default beloved superhero for all of us, it's Superman. People who don't know a single thing about comic books recognize the "S" shield symbol, and everybody can tell you that Lex Luthor is a bad guy without necessarily even knowing why. The ultimate American immigrant, the alien orphan from a planet that no longer exists who commits himself to protecting his adopted home, Superman is a million national symbols rolled into one

Infographic: Will Iron Man 3's Great Reviews Guarantee Big Box Office?

By looking at the bottom of this list-- say, everything below 40%-- you can feel vindicated. The worst of the worst gets rejected by critics, and audiences follow suit. The top of the list, until you get to Hellboy II at least, tells the other side of that story-- when movies like The Dark Knight and the Avengers and Iron Man debut to enormous acclaim, they're way more likely to become even bigger hits

The Emmerich Scale: Your Guide To The Coming Hollywood Apocalypse

This Friday, Tom Cruise faces the challenges of living on an Earth almost completely abandoned by humanity in Oblivion. In June's After Earth, Will and Jaden Smith play a father-son pair who crash land on Earth, thousands of years after humans have left it. Next year Russell Crowe stars in Darren Aronofsky's retelling of the Noah's Ark tale-- the original disaster movie. Noticing a trend here?

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Preview: 10 Titles To Look Out For

Katey and Kristy will be on the ground to cover the festival for the next 10 days, and we put our heads together to come up with 10 titles we think you should keep an eye on. From somber documentaries to star-studded comedies, these movies are what we're excited to see-- and hopefully we'll see you in the theater as Tribeca runs through next Sunday

Yes, Seth MacFarlane's Oscar Jokes Were Sexist, And Yes It Matters

Why is a song called "We Saw Your Boobs" not just lame, as MacFarlane himself admitted in the number, but demeaning to the women he mentioned? Why is it uncool to chalk up Jessica Chastain's Zero Dark Thirty character to being a nag who won't let anything go? If you want the short answer, it's "If you're going to make jokes at the expense of women, make them funny and original."

Will Ricky Gervais Ruin The Muppets?

Yesterday Kristy wrote excitedly about the news that Ricky Gervais had been cast as the main human in the upcoming Muppets movie, saying "Personally, I couldn't be more excited about this news." At the same time, Katey bitterly tweeted "Ricky Gervais in the next Muppets movie is the quickest way to make me dread it. If you can't say anything nice… come sit by me."

Will Seth MacFarlane Be A Good Oscar Host?

MacFarlane is more than just a peddler of dirty jokes-- he's also a singer and a blatant lover of all things Old Hollywood, both of which are pretty much requirements for the Oscar hosting gig. So could MacFarlane surprise us all and kill it come Oscar night? Or is choosing him just another pathetic effort on the part of the Academy to appeal to younger audiences?

Great Debate: What's The Best Kind Of Time Travel Story?

Much as we love Pitch Perfect, the big release of this weekend is undeniably Looper, the time travel thriller in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a hit man in the future, who's suddenly assigned to assassinate… himself, only 30 years older and played by Bruce Willis

Is Kristen Stewart Better Off Without Snow White?

Universal has directly denied that Stewart is no longer involved, but you can't blame them for wondering about how to shape a sequel around a a character who's supposed to be "pure as snow," while the actress is wrapped up in a very public infidelity. But wait, can't you blame them anyway?

Great Debate: What Should Christopher Nolan Do Next?

Nolan has made it clear that he has no real interest in the broader superhero world-- beyond producing Man of Steel, of course-- so we can expect his next directing effort to be something different, likely something original, and hopefully something as ambitious as everything that's come before it

Great Debate: Will Magic Mike Give Audiences What They Want?

"It's not what you're expecting." That was the warning coming from critics the minute the embargo lifted on Magic Mike, the Steven Soderbergh film whose trailers have promised glittery, pop-fueled male strip shows

Great Debate: Can Rock Of Ages Save Movie Musicals?

Can a not-that-great movie like Rock of Ages actually bring back movie musicals? Or do we have to wait for something fancy like this December's Les Miserables to do that? Katey and Kristy hopped on to chat to ask that very question

How Snow White And The Huntsman Gets Female Empowerment Wrong

Sure, Snow White dons the armor and learns how to use a sword, but if you look beneath the surface of the story-- the way it depicts women as being powerful for their beauty and Snow White's implied "virginity" as all-important-- it gets a little less progressive, and a lot more like the fairy tales it's supposedly leaving behind

Great Debate: Can Battleship Make Taylor Kitsch A Movie Star?

In Battleship he has the chance to redeem himself, and some people-- well, at least Katey-- think he shows that spark of star potential after all. Kristy, on the other hand, remembers him fondly as Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights, and didn't see anything to like at all about what he does in Battleship

What Can The Avengers Tell Us About Iron Man 3?

And while The Avengers doesn't contain any explicit hints to the plot of Iron Man 3-- at least, not from what we could tell-- it leaves the character in a very specific position that we think points to what might be next. Katey and Kristy got together to hash out some of these hints

Great Debate: How Do We Fix The Oscars For Good?

In the chat below, Kristy and Katey get into the nitty gritty of what makes the Oscars work, why Kristy thinks last night's show was such a snooze, and why more presenters like the cast of Bridesmaids and Emma Stone could make everything better. Check out their conversation below as we move forward from another Oscar year and try to figure out how to make it better next time

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