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TV Recap: The Amazing Race 14- I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard

I am taking issue with many people proclaiming this cast to be so awesome. You know what The Amazing Race 14 doesn’t have? It doesn’t have a villain like Rob or a moron like Terrence from last year. I never thought the words “God I miss Terrence” would cross my lips. So far I am enjoying the tweaks to the shows format but find the cast to be pretty vanilla.

TV Recap: The Amazing Race 14-Your Target Is Your Partner's Face

Show begins a bit differently than normal with each team talking about how impressed they were with Margie and Luke. Teams begin departing at 2:56 am and fly to Munich Germany and then drive to Ruhpolding where they will take a tram to the top of a mountain.

TV Recap: The Amazing Race 14-Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me

Welcome back to another season of The Amazing Race. Like most jobs, this job is a lot more difficult at the beginning. I don't know the teams, I don't type that fast, and I'm having to constantly rewind the show to figure out what the hell is going on. To be honest, I have to Tivo the show all season long, but at least attrition narrows down the teams I need to focus on. Needless to say, I'll be a happy guy in about a month. Until then, expect a cranky, confused man recapping the show.

Lost's Sawyer Is The Reason For The Season

With Lost returning to ABC on Wednesday, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse gave insight to the upcoming season at the Television Critics Association on Friday.

What the Frack! Top Moments of Galactica's Final Season Premiere

After writing my Battlestar Galactica recap last night, I sat down and searched the internet for people to discuss the show and the amazing things revealed. Apparently, all the sci-fi geeks were out clubbing or at Sundance which left me alone to ponder what I had seen.

TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica-Sometimes a Great Notion

So the entire staff of Cinema Blend is apparently drinking it up at Sundance while I enjoy a quiet evening at home, being a total geek over Battlestar Galactica’s return. Tonight’s episode should have been named "OMG" because the show is filled with them including the biggest one of all

ABC Exec Defends Grey's Anatomy Ghost Humping

The only drawback to my wonderful marriage is that I sometimes have to watch shows I do not like. Two examples of these shows are Ghost Whisperer and Grey’s Anatomy. Besides staring at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts and listening to the Chief’s rantings, I get no satisfaction from these shows. At their worst though, they were just harmless. Until this season.

Holly Returning to The Office?

Apparently I own stock in NBC or something because I’m all about the Peacock news tonight. Entertainment Weekly’s Greg Ausiello broke the news tonight that we have not seen the last of Holly on The Office.

NBC Rewards Several Great Shows and One Crappy Show

NBC announces a few deserving shows will return while allowing an incredibly mediocre show to continue to survive.The Office, 30 Rock, and The Biggest Loser have been picked up for next season. That’s fine. Those three shows perform well and are quite popular

NBC Announces New Shows for the Spring

NBC announced several Spring TV schedule changes and I was left asking myself the following questions: What the hell? ER is still on? Apparently so but we learned today what will replace it, along with exciting news about Ian McShane, a show that can’t be named, and a cooking show not starring Gordon Ramsay

CBS Snatches Up Tick Tock

CBS has picked up the pilot for a new show, and boy does the description sound like a show that will be cancelled just as quickly. Tick Tock will be filmed by a single camera and document an “unconventional single mom in her 30s” who is in search for love

FCC Chairman Resigns! F Yeah!

I’m pretty cynical when it comes to politics. I surely don’t see President-Elect Obama as a miracle worker. I’m not even sure if many of the promises he’s made can even work. One change I do think is almost guaranteed to work though is with the next FCC chairman. The idiots running the FCC make Donald Rumsfeld seem like a brilliant strategist

How I Met Your Mother Gets A Raise

Thank you Britney Spears. Thank you for guest starring on How I Met Your Mother. Who would have thought that the gimmick of putting the former Mrs. Federline on such an excellent show would actually have a positive? Ever since Britney played a small part as a crazy receptionist last year, HIMYM ratings have consistently been better and improving. People turned in to see the freak show and found out that the show was worth watching regardless of guests.

USA Network Orders Royal Pains

I didn’t realize how slow creating a television show was. It was last summer when Royal Pains was announced and that Mark Feuerstein would star as a former ER doctor who takes a job as an on-call doctor in the Hamptons.

Swift And NPH On SNL

While SNL still has a sucky ass guy portraying President Obama and no regular African-American female to play our next first lady, they do have a legen… wait for it… dary host for the first show of 2009.

New Doctor Who Announced

We told you yesterday that the New Doctor Who would be announced today and indeed he has. Matt Smith, star of the BBC show Party Animals becomes the youngest ever timelord. Smith is only 26 years old and will take over the role in 2010. The teases about the announcent said that the new Doctor would be unique

New Doctor Who When? Tomorrow!

I’m about to admit something that I’m sure will garner a few response from my British friends. I’ve never liked Doctor Who. In fact I have tried watching it a few times and found it deplorable. I dig Monty Python, I loved Fawlty Towers and I own a few DVDs of The Black Adder series so it is not that I don’t “get” British television.

Rant: Stop Bitching About Your TV Bill Increase

A couple days ago, Time Warner and Viacom were having a public standoff due to Viacom raising rates. Viacom owns Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV and several other networks and said they needed to raise rates while Time Warner took the position of public advocate. An agreement was reached finally but during the standoff, many people were complaining about Viacom raising rates that equate to less than $3.00 a year for each customer.

NFL Playoffs Weekend TV Listings

Just like most of you, I come to a movie news site for all your football programming needs. I also come here for car insurance rates too. You should really ask Josh Tyler how much he’s willing to insure your car for. I know I saved plenty. Enough about savings though. It’s the NFL Playoffs! This weekend we have four great games over two days on three different networks.

Michael Eisner To End CNBC Show

Michael Eisner is a guy that I can dually admire and loathe at the same time. While he saved Disney and made Walt Disney World what it is today, he also made colossal business errors in his final years at Disney like breaching Jeffrey Katzenberg’s contract and pissing off Steve Jobs and Pixar. I am not here to judge the man though. Hell, I’m writing this story in my pajamas!

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