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Experience Mirror's Edge In 3rd Person

Sick of the sleek first person view in Mirror's Edge? Well you're in luck, because the folks at Gamezine figured out a way to hack the PC version and lucky for you it's a simple four-step procedure

Future Publishing Next Print Death?

Just after we've all recovered from the recent shock of losing EGM, we might need to brace ourselves for more hits to video game print journalism. Future Publishing, publisher of Nintendo Power, Official Xbox and Official Playstation magazines has released their sales figures for the past three months and it doesn't look good

Braid Creator Hints At Next Project

Braid turned a lot of heads when it hit XBLA last year and since everyone has been waiting excitedly for what the mastermind behind the title, Jonathan Blow, is working on next. Well in a recent interview, Blow made a few comments that may have answered that question.

Rockpool Games = Kaput

Time and time again, mobile or casual games studios are first on the chopping block when it comes to "refinancing" and Eidos was no exception. They just shut Rockpool Games down

Square Enix Enacts Mass Bans On FFXI

Taking advantage of a game's bugs to get ahead can feel so right to many of us players but according to Square Enix, it's still cheating. The company has recently banned a large amount of players from their MMO RPG, Final Fantasy XI for abusing a bug which, in Square's words, "allowed players to create multiple items for certain treasures and rewards in areas such as Salvage and Assault by exploiting the game system."

Galactrix Flash Demo Available Now

If you haven't played Puzzle Quest yet, stop what you're doing and get it for your PC, Xbox 360, or DS. I know, I rolled my eyes at the hokey-looking puzzle/RPG too, but as soon as I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. Thankfully Infinite Interactive gave me a reason to stop playing- they're making a new one, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, and you can play a demo of it right now for free

Mass Effect To Be Re-Released With Bonuses

BioWare's sci-fi RPG Mass Effect wasn't quite the epic space RPG everyone was hoping for when it dropped last year, but it looks like retailer Game Stop is looking to sweeten the pot. They've listed on their site a re-release of the game which will have an additional bonus disc

Motion Coming To More DS Titles?

Tony Hawk's Motion DS was released last year and true to its name, worked tilt motion controls into the gameplay with a cartridge that fit into the GBA slot. It looks like Nintendo plans to expand on this by creating DS cartridges that have this motion sensing capability built in.

EA Confirms Date For Mirror's Edge DLC

Coinciding with the release of the PC edition of Mirror's Edge yesterday, EA announced in a press release a concrete date for the release of Mirror's Edge DLC, and it's coming up fast. Content will be available to PS3, Xbox and PC players on the 29th of January. It will cost $10 and might not be the type of content you're expecting

Review: Persona 4

I hadn’t exactly been waiting for this game with baited breath, but it was definitely worth picking up. With some boring presentation aside P4 is a solid title with addictive game play that will make you jonesin’ for your PS2

Age Of Conan To Close Servers

Funcom announced on their forum last week that they will be shutting down more than half the servers for their Age of Conan: Hyberion Adventures MMORPG. What started as a simple merge between two servers has expanded to more than half of them. Age of Conan players don’t freak out about losing your characters yet, though, this is just a merge.

Best Gaming Prospects For 2009

The New Year is here and with it comes a slew of new promising titles for each console. Here are my picks for games that are bound to rock your socks in the coming year.

Nicalis To Beef Up Cave Story Wii

As many already know Cave Story, the free downloadable, Japanese adventure title for PC is coming to the Wii's downloadable WiiWare service this year. In an effort to make you not pay for something you could simply download on your computer for free in the first place the developers have promised a few new things to spice up their console version

How Do You Like Your Dark Templar?

Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 has had gamers drooling over every little picture and detail since it was officially announced in Korea in May 2007. Fans have been looking for anything to get them through the long months (and years apparently) of waiting and it looks like today Blizzard is ready to get them involved. No, it’s not a release date or demo or anything fun, but it lets you participate in the game's development.

New Content For EVE Online With Retail Release

CCP, the independent developer behind the science fiction epic MMO RPG EVE Online, announced today that they will be releasing another free expansion to their already massive game entitled EVE Online: Apocrypha. This will be the tenth free expansion released for EVE in the five years that the game has been active and by the looks of it, this could be the biggest.

R.I.P. EGM- Here's My Favorite Thing You've Ever Done...

Nerds everywhere are drying their eyes after hearing the devestating news that Electronic Gaming Monthly is no more. Not to get emotional, but growing up EGM was the only place I'd turn to for my gaming news and, in recent years, the highlight of my travels through airports

Hideo Kojima: Manifest Destiny?

In a recent interview with Japanese gaming rag Famitsu, Hideo Kojima, acclaimed Japanese developer behind the Metal Gear franchise openly admitted to Western developers’ growing hold on the gaming market. Kojima Productions, his famed development house, will be experiencing a complete overhaul in the new year to compete.

New FF XIII Trailer Hits The Web

The new FF XIII trailer has hit the web, giving us a bit better glimpse at characters and world design - kind of. It's a bunch of flashy visuals and music, broken up by some Japanese text. That’s alright though, considering there’s really not much to get from the trailer in the first place and if you’re a FF fan then you know the drill.

Five Most Disappointing Games Of 2008

While commemorating the best of 2008, it's impossible not to note the low points of the year as well. It's true that 2008 had an array of solid titles but we were promised so much more! Here are five games that not only sucked, but we were told would be awesome by critics and companies alike.

Final Fantasy Dissidia To Be Released In The US

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy Dissidia is slated to hit US shores next year. Dissidia was just released in Japan and it was unclear if the game would even reach America but it looks like we'll see it around mid-2009.

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