Just after we've all recovered from the recent shock of losing EGM, we might need to brace ourselves for more hits to video game print journalism. Future Publishing, publisher of Nintendo Power, Official Xbox and Official Playstation magazines has released their sales figures for the past three months and they don't look good.

The company reports that while ad revenue on their websites has done well and had higher European sales than expected, they are still losing money in the print department. They cited a 4% drop in revenue for their print magazines and a 2% drop in sales overall.

The company stated that they "remain confident that we're in the best shape we can be to deal with whatever challenges lie ahead and are on track to deliver against expectations for the full year." Still, seeing as how they also sited a 25% increase in ad revenue for the websites, so I’d imagine one of the ways they expect to meet some of these challenges is to nix their print media.

I guess this is when we all band together and decide that we’re going to buy, buy, buy these magazines so we don’t lose another piece of our past like Nintendo Power. But that’s not going to happen, so we're looking at just another casualty in the recent death of videogame print media.

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