It Does Not Look Like It's Going To Be An Impressive Weekend At The Movies

The trend of commercially (and critically) disappointing sequels looks to continue this weekend.

Stephen King Had The Best Response To The Doctor Sleep Trailer

It's a good year for King adaptations and the author seems to be high on all of them.

Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston Reflect On Awkward Kissing In Netflix's Murder Mystery

The two longtime friends play husband and wife in the new Netflix film and that lead to some awkward moments.

Men In Black International Should Hit A Box Office Milestone Thanks To International Sales

Overseas audiences will be the big drivers for the Sony spinoff/sequel in its opening weekend.

Elizabeth Banks Reveals Her Charlie's Angels Reboot Pitch

The actress and director had a specific take in mind to update Charlie's Angels and expand out the world of the story.

King Of The Monsters Director Says Godzilla Criticisms Did Not Influence His Movie

The 2014 film was criticized for not giving Godzilla enough screen time, something the sequel can definitely not be accused of.

Lion King Director Jon Favreau Explains Why He Brought James Earl Jones Back As Mufasa

The iconic voice of Mufasa is the only actor reprising his role from the 1994 film for the new remake.

Jennifer Aniston Signed On For Netflix's Murder Mystery Only Because Of Adam Sandler

The two previously worked together on 2011's Just Go With It and the opportunity to reunite was all Jennifer Aniston needed to know to join the new Netflix original movie.

John Cena Responds To Rumors Of Him Joining The Suicide Squad

The actor is reported to be in talks to join James Gunn's upcoming soft reboot of the DC property.

Robert Rodriguez 'Would Love To' Come Back For Alita: Battle Angel 2

The director is down to return, but will he get the chance to?

Jason Momoa's Most Badass Roles

Jason Momoa has become known for playing a certain type of character: badasses. These are the ones that rise above the rest.

Where Cameron Monaghan's New Star Wars Video Game Fits In The Movies' Timeline

The new single-player action game arriving this fall explores an intriguing period in the Star Wars timeline.

Rocketman Could Have Contained A Wild Bohemian Rhapsody Crossover
New Annabelle Comes Home Clip Puts The Warrens In Serious Danger
Elton John Pulled Rocketman's Taron Egerton Onstage To Sing 'Your Song', And There's Video

The musical icon and the man who plays him onscreen joined for a special moment as part of Elton John's final tour.

You Can Airbnb Tony Stark's Cabin From Avengers: Endgame

The lakeside cabin provided the backdrop for an iconic MCU scene and now you can visit it in person.

Jordan Peele's Candyman Reboot Will Address Toxic Fandom

The spiritual sequel to the 1992 horror film will tackle an issue that has plagued many genre properties in recent years.

The Aladdin Remake Has Passed The Original At The Box Office

27 years later, there's still plenty of magic left in this property.

Famke Janssen 'Might Consider' Playing Jean Grey Again

The actress who originated the iconic mutant on the big screen won't shut the door on returning to the role.

Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Realize She Was In Spider-Man: Homecoming

The actress has been in so many Marvel movies that her cameo in Spidey's first solo MCU movie seems to have slipped her mind.

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