Skullgirls Review: A Fighting Game For People Who Like Fighting Games

Although Skullgirls may not be for everyone, it’s combination of gorgeous animation, fine tuned fighting mechanics, and smooth online play makes it worth a try for fans of the genre. So if you’re into highly technical 2D fighting games, or sexy anime ladies with demented monster parts, Skullgirls just might be the game for you!

Super Mario 3D Land Review: Back to the Basics

Super Mario 3D Land serves as the missing link between Super Mario 3 and Super Mario 64. Although it isn’t reinventing the wheel, it does a great job of utilizing a modern 3D framework in order to pay tribute to the 8-bit classics in a way that’s enjoyable regardless of whether you’ve played them or not. It’s easily a must own for anyone who’s already purchased a 3DS, and perhaps more importantly, a good sign of things to come for the struggling handheld.

Uncharted 3 Review: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Everything you loved about Uncharted 2 is back and better than ever, with one glaring exception; if you’re looking for the same level of innovation found in the previous title, you’re ultimately going to be disappointed. For developers like Naughty Dog, the biggest problem with creating a great game is the assumption that the sequels will always be better. With that said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Uncharted 3 delivers an experience completely on par with it’s predecessor, and at least for now, that makes it more than deserving of your time.

Sideway New York Review: Originality over Innovation

While far from flawless, Sideway: New York is a decent game that’s well worth the $10 price tag for any fan of the genre. It’s combination of 3D environments and 2D platforming feels original even if it’s not particularly innovative. The gameplay is solid and it’s got more than enough depth to it to keep your attention for, at the very least, the better part of a weekend.

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