Diablo III On Nintendo Switch Will Get Legend Of Zelda Items

Now that Blizzard has officially unveiled Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch, we've now learned that the game will come with specially designed items made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, including items from The Legend of Zelda.

How You Can Win An Xbox One X

Microsoft has decided to team up with a fast food chain in order to help spread the word about the Xbox One X ahead of its November 7th release. Well, not only is Microsoft attempting to spread the word but it's also giving away some free Xbox One X's as part of a giveaway at the tail end of summer.

 Left 4 Dead PS3 Bound? Michael Booth Speaks Out

In an interview recently conducted with Turtle Rock Studios’ founder, Michael Booth, he revealed several new aspects of Left 4 Dead for the Xbox 360 and PC; primarily regarding the gameplay. You can check out the interview as well as the answer to the burning question for Turtle Rock fans: Will Left 4 Dead make an appearance on the PS3?

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