We laugh at some of the movie adaptations of video games and how badly the stories are changed across mediums, but the truth is there have been worse. Before Uwe Boll made mockeries of every franchise he touched, Nintendo tried to cash in on its name back in the days of the NES with a Saturday morning cartoon.

The result was Captain N: The Game Master, which featured the adventures of a real world teen who was pulled into Videogameland, where he teamed up with popular Nintendo characters such as Simon Belmont (from Castlevania) and Mega Man (you can guess what game he came from). Yes, the result was about as silly as you’d expect, although there was a certain fun charm in the show. After two seasons, Captain N was paired up with a Super Mario Brothers cartoon to form the half-hour show Captain N and the New Super Mario World.

Now Shout Entertainment is bringing Captain N and the New Super Mario World to DVD on November 13th in a two-disc DVD set. Along with the season of episodes, the set includes a look at the storyboards for the opening sequence and concept art for the character Yoshi.

Captain N wasn’t exactly brilliant storytelling, making an effort to feature as many different Nintendo characters as possible at times. Still, there’s a certain nostalgia for cartoons like this, which makes me interested in watching the old cartoon, if only just once to remember the ‘toons of my youth.

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