Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day is bringing you all of time and space, and at a very reasonable discount. Well, not all of time and space, but at least the parts that comprise the first four seasons of Doctor Who on DVD. And by "the first four seasons," I of course mean the first four seasons of the modern relaunch, so don't click the link and expect to save a bundle on the adventures of William Hartnell.

What you will get, however, is two Doctors and four seasons of spectacular adventures and timey-wimey stuff, including the masterful David Tennant and the not-half-bad Christopher Eccleston. With the sixth season having just kicked off on BBC America this past weekend, this is a great chance for any latecomers to the party to play catch-up. Amazon has marked each of the four seasons on DVD down by 61%, meaning you can pick them up for just over thirty bucks a pop.

What will that hard-earned cash get you? Rose Tyler. Bananas. Creepy gas-mask children. Bad Wolf. "That's the kind of man I am." The Girl in the Fireplace. The Doctor versus the Devil. Martha Jones. "He was being kind." The Weeping Angels. The sound of drums. The Ood. Silence in the Library. Soooo many Daleks.

If you don't know what any of that means, boy do I envy you. Because now you get to find out for the first time.

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