There was much hullaballoo earlier this year about Moon Bloodgood's deleted topless scene from Terminator Salvation. With the DVD release of that film right around the corner (on December 1st, to be precise), it's no surprise that Moon Bloodgood's breasts are back in the news, not to mention on the internet.

The folks over at Traileraddict have posted the footage, which you can check out below. It basically consists of Ms. Bloodgood taking her top off in the rain while being pervily spied upon by the back of someone's head, likely belonging to that Worthington cat. After all the time spent talking about it, it's more than a little anti-climactic. Honestly, I enjoyed the film for what it was, but if this is what makes up the difference between the PG-13 feature cut and McG's much-vaunted R-rated director's cut, I have to wonder how much of the pre-release press was just smoke and mirrors. And boobs. I guess we'll all find out together when the director's arrives this December.

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