The De Niro of Goodfellas and the Untouchables, of Raging Bull and Once Upon a Time in America, has made way for the De Niro of Little Fockers and the B-movie-that-knew-it-was-a-B-movie, Machete. His newest DVD release is Stone, a psychological thriller that features Edward Norton and the forever-great-looking Milla Jovovich, whose costumes in this film, unfortunately, are less form fitting than those she wore in The Fifth Element. All actor-jabbing aside, Overture Films and Anchor Bay will release Stone on Blu-Ray and DVD on January 18th.

Stone was directed by John Curran, the same guy who created and cast Edward Norton in The Painted Veil. While not known for being the biggest box office success, John Curran’s recent endeavor only made back a little over $8 million worldwide toward its $22 million production budget, and thus has a long way to go to financially recover. If you were in the group that did see and enjoy the film, both the DVD and Blu-Ray will feature the theatrical trailer for the film and a featurette about how Stone was created.

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