Dug the Talking Dog was one of the best parts of Up. Any dog lover in the audience couldn't help but fall for Dug's enthusiasm and the fact that his interior monologue matched exactly with what we've always suspected our four-legged friends were thinking all along. It's no surprise that Dug's the star of the clips we've got for you from Up's bonus features. Below you can see a clip from Pixar's exclusive short "Dug's Special Mission," wherein Dug attempts to conquer the art of hole-guarding. The second reveals how Dug's dialogue originated (exactly where you might expect -- from a bunch of dog lovers who'd spent years imagining lines for their own pets).

You can get Up any way you like it when it releases on November 10th, from the massive four-disc Blu-ray combo pack with a digital copy and a DVD copy ($45.99) to the bare-bones single-disc version ($29.99). All that's missing is a kit for balloon-ing up your homestead and floating down to Venezuela.

That's not all, though. We've got something of an Up multimedia barrage for you today. Clips, some truly kick-ass poster art, and even an interview with writer/director Pete Docter and co-director/writer Bob Peterson. Click on the links below to check out the rest of the coverage.

Up Retro Poster Art

Up Virtual Roundtable Transcript With Pete Docter and Bob Peterson

Dug in the Hole

Talking Dogs

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