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Pixar Dipping Into The Direct-To-DVD Market With Cars Spinoff Planes

Apparently, even John Lasseter can’t pass up a good moneymaking opportunity. As reported by Movieline, the Pixar head is moving forward with something he once adamantly opposed: sequels. No, the company isn’t planning Cars 3, but a direct-to-DVD Cars spinoff called Planes.

Before Lasseter made it to the top rung of the Pixar ladder, Disney dished out straight-to-DVD junk like Cinderella II and The Lion King 1 ½. The studio even originally planned for Toy Story 2 to skip theaters and go straight to video, and the same was true for the franchise’s adored third installment. But that’s when Lasseter stepped in a put a stop on the whole trash-for-cash effort and exclusively committed Pixar to quality.

The news is a little strange, not only because it breaks from Lasseter’s ideals, but because it does so with a film that isn’t really known for its high caliber, at least compared to other Pixar productions. While Cars didn’t make a killing in theaters, it did so with toys and other junk the kiddies absolutely had to have, and it looks like that’s exactly what they’re going for with Planes. The flick will be a semi-sequel/spinoff that is set to go directly to DVD, and I’m sure it’ll be accompanied by a massive toy line.

Without even being sold on Cars 2 hitting theaters next summer, it’s absolutely impossible to garner any excitement for Planes. However, I don’t think Pixar is looking to entice anyone over the age of 13 with this effort.

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.