It's a good day for news relating to Canadian science fiction shows from the '90s, apparently. The fine folks over at TV Shows on DVD have hipped us to the fact that a complete set of the TekWar series may be coming our way on May 24th. That's the day Alliance Films Media has scheduled TekWar: The Complete Series for its arrival on DVD.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves, however. As TVSoDVD points out, this release has been planned and delayed before, and Amazon Canada isn't taking pre-orders yet, so until we get closer to the date and see more confirmation, consider this one a "definitely maybe."

Based on a series of novels written* by William Shatner, TekWar envisioned a future where civilization is overrun by a mind-altering digital drug called "tek," which allows the user to enter a sort of virtual reality. Sort of like Strange Days, only with less Ralph Fiennes.

We'll let you know when we hear more info on things like cover art or potential bonus features. In the mean time, here's William Shatner making love to a mountain.

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