Everything We Know About Gabe Toro

-> Written By Josh Tyler

Some of you have probably heard about Gabe Toro, a person who hid in plain sight while doing the most horrific things imaginable. He pleaded guilty to his crimes last week and was locked away from society.

Before his arrest he wrote about movies for many well-known entertainment outlets, including this one. Gabe Toro applied for a freelance writing position with us back in December of 2013. He was already an accredited film journalist, one with a pedigree, membership in several elite critics organizations, and a lengthy resume. Because this was one of the publications he wrote for, many have asked us to speak out on the subject of his arrest. Here’s everything we know.

From December of 2013 through August of 2014 Gabe Toro submitted reviews and other articles to us, which we published based on the quality of his work. He was an independent freelancer who worked from home writing things to submit for publication, not an employee, and thus none of Cinema Blend’s staff ever met him in person.

In August of 2014 Gabe Toro stopped submitting work. Shortly thereafter we Googled his name and discovered he’d been arrested. The charges were not disclosed and we had no way to know what he was arrested for. We immediately sent an email informing him we’d no longer publish anything from him in the future. We became aware of the actual reason for his arrest only a few days ago when this was released.

We’re shocked and disturbed by what he did. Our thoughts go out to the victim, her family and anyone else affected by this horrific situation.

Josh Tyler