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Come Sept. 5, all the hobbits, dwarves, humans and elves inhabiting the world of Lord of the Rings Online will be invited to explore all new regions in the Riders of Rohan expansion pack. For a sneak peek at all the lovely locales you'll be visiting, Turbine has released a fly-through video showing off all the new landscapes Rohan has to offer.

In the video, viewers will be whisked away to the eastern plains of Rohan and given a brief look at the six unique regions featuring rolling hills, towering cliffs, sweeping valleys, bustling towns and even the mysterious Fangorn Forest.

This newest LOTRO expansion is the largest Turbine has ever developed for DLC, measuring twice the size of Mines of Moria for those familiar with the digital landscapes of Middle Earth. For the uninitiated, that means this new chunk of map is pretty gosh-darned huge.

I've personally spent dozens of hours in the ridiculously grand world of Lord of the Rings Online and, quite honestly, I'm still only scratching the surface of what the game has to offer. Despite all of the countless miles of terrain I've traveled on foot and horseback, there is a vast world out there still just waiting for me to come and discover it. With something like Riders of Rohan coming out in just a couple of months, I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever actually see all of the wonders LOTRO has to offer.

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