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At the Sony Press Conference tonight, Hideo Kojima finally unveiled and very secretive project, coming out of his new studio, Kojima Productions. And by the looks of it, it's going to be something totally different.

Hideo Kojima unveiled his new game, Death Stranding, this evening during the press conference where we were finally introduced to the reason for he and Norman Reedus' mysterious meeting earlier in the year. No, it wasn't a meeting to discuss the failed Silent Hills, but a meeting for yet another project, a project that, at the time, no one knew anything about.

The trailer opens with Norman Reedus crying as he clutches a newborn baby who seems to have passed away, and then out of nowhere it turned to black and he finds some sort of goop on his hands. There is very little detail about the game's story, but hopefully Hideo Kojima can help us fill in the gaps as time goes on.

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