This Is The Most Annoying Glitch In Pokemon Go, See The Video

Pokemon Go users have been raging over a particular glitch that keeps users from capturing gyms. Because this is one of the only parts in Pokemon Go that allows people to battle using Pokemon, the glitch really destroys one of the most notable experiences in the Pokemon franchise. You can see the gym glitch in the video below.

Many users have taken to Twitter to complain about the grating bug that keeps people from capturing the gyms that they want. One user is wondering why this hasn't been fixed yet.

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Another user points out that the above gym glitch isn't the only gym glitch that keeps people from successfully battling for a gym.

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Unfortunately, I've experienced both of these glitches while trying to capture a gym. The first glitch is probably the most irritating because you can't even try to battle. When you accept the fight and get ready to go against the Pokemon, it counts down to battle time, but then immediately kicks you back to the main screen. I tried several times, resetting the app and backing out and coming back in, to try and get it to work, but I couldn't. And it was some crappy 300 CP Pokemon when I had a 607 CP Pidgeot. So the only reason the Pokemon was able to keep the gym is because of a stupid glitch. One Twitter user felt my pain.

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The second glitch is probably equally as annoying. If you do eventually get into battle and you're kicking the butt of some Pokemon, their HP will go all the way down to 1. But it won't kill the Pokemon. Instead, it will continue to attack you as your health dips and even though you're hitting it multiple times, the HP sticks at one. I actually got killed last night by a low-level Pokemon because of this glitch, the whole time he was stuck at one HP.

Both of these glitches are absolutely maddening and had me raging for quite awhile. The biggest part of Pokemon is the ability to battle others with your Pokemon, so if this tool is broken or glitched or doesn't work sometimes, it's pretty detrimental. Hopefully, Niantic Labs will be quick to sort out these critical glitches so that gym gameplay runs smooth.