pokemon go pokevision

Pokemon Go received a fresh update yesterday, full of tweaks that are sure to please some players and a couple of adjustments that will make folks who used out-of-app tracking tools frustrated. The app runs smoother now, but you're going to have some trouble tracking down specific Pokemon.

We reported over the weekend that Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs was not pleased with apps and sites like Pokevision, which plugged into the game's back end in order to show folks where exactly certain Pokemon could be found and for how long. Not only did these apps kind of defeat the purpose of searching for Pokemon in the wild, but it was also illegal, as it went against the game's EULA.

After yesterday's update, it appears that sites like Pokevision are no longer functional, so players will have to go back to the old-fashioned method of just walking around and hoping for the best.

Another part of yesterday's update is making that a bit more tricky, too. The Poketracker, which used to show feet under a given Pokemon to let you know how far away it is, has now been gimped. To be fair, the feature hasn't worked correctly for a while now, so while Niantic continues to work on a fix the feet icons that displayed inaccurate info have simply been completely removed.

All of that aside, the remainder of updates to Pokemon Go should make folks pretty happy. It feels like the team is trying to nail down and polish what's currently available, which is hopefully laying the ground work for the more substantial updates they've hinted at in recent weeks.

The update is version 1.1.0 for you iOS users and 0.31.0 on Android. Here's a rundown of all of the changes, as provided by the developer:

-Trainer avatars can be re-customized from the profile screen.

-Some Pokemon battle move damage values have been adjusted.

-Certain Gym animations have been refined.

-Improved memory issues.

-Removed footprints of nearby Pokemon.

-Adjusted battle damage calculation.

-Various bug fixes during wild Pokemon encounters.

-Updated Pokemon details UI.

-Updated achievement medal art.

-Fixed issues with displaying certain map features.

-Minor fixes to text.

As for those encounter bugs, hopefully that means fewer Pokeballs will veer wildly off course for no reason. Those updates to Pokemon details are nice too, as I haven't been able to use the Pokedex since launch. I've had zero issues since the update, and now it's easier than ever to trade in Pokemon for candies. The process used to require scrolling down to the bottom of the screen for each Pokemon and sometimes said screen would refuse to scroll. Now there's a button at the top that makes it super convenient to trade in loads of Pokemon quickly.

So, please, share your thoughts in the comments below. Happy with these Pokemon Go updates? Frustrated? What would you like to see tweaked next?

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