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pokemon go

Pokemon Go has only been out about a month, but already the game has had a huge impact on society. Everybody is playing it, and while the game is certainly making developer Niantic and various publishers plenty of money, other markets are seeing a surge in sales because of the game, too.

It should probably come as no surprise that the portable power pack market has seen an uptick thanks to Pokemon Go. From day one, Pokemon Go has been known as a tremendous battery hog, eating up a phone's charge in record time. As a result, it looks like more and more people are buying portable power packs for their phones, allowing them to either play with the thing plugged in, thus making for a longer session of Pokemon Go, or simply refueling their poor battery's dwindling life when they're done wandering around in the tall grass.

In fact, according to a report from the NPD, portable power pack sales went up by 101 percent in the United States in mid-July, a statistic that's being directly attributed to the game. That was actually a pretty hefty spike over a relatively short period of time, as the bump of more than double power pack sales happened between July 10 and July 23. Figures were made in comparison to the prior year as well.

Apparently Pokemon Go isn't the only driving factor in increased sales of power packs, though. The entire industry is seeing a 35 percent increase year over year, so folks are really catching on to the benefits of having a portable battery handy at all times.

Still, even with that universal upswing, there's no denying the influence Pokemon Go has had on the market. According to the initial report, in the six weeks prior to the launch of the popular mobile game, unit sales for portable power packs were up just four percent over that same period of time from the previous year. In the two weeks following the launch of Pokemon Go, however, power pack sales reached nearly 1.2 million units, or an increase of more than 100 percent. Given that the game has been out for an additional two weeks on top of that, we imagine business has continued to look mighty good for producers of the devices.

As the announcement points out, it's Pokemon Go's design that makes it such a battery hog. Most games just run themselves, which isn't typically too hard on a battery. Pokemon Go, on the other hand, uses every location, motion and augmented reality trick in the book, meaning it's got your smartphone running at full tilt when it's active.

We'd be interested to know if any of our readers made a power pack purchase following the launch of Pokemon Go. Let us know in the comments below.