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Nintendo has been rolling out a lot of news for their games, given the new Nintendo Direct they pumped out. One of the new games coming to the Nintendo 3DS will be Super Mario Maker, due for release this December.

IGN put together a short article explaining that Super Mario Maker will be due out on December 2nd for the Nintendo 3DS, featuring 100 Nintendo-made levels that will be available to play right out of the box. If 100 levels aren't enough, Nintendo will also allow players to import levels from the Wii U version of Super Mario Maker, which made its debut on the market back in September, 2015.

Unfortunately, not all of the Wii U's levels will be compatible with the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, given that there may be some content or tools utilized on the larger home console version that may not operate on the 3DS. That's always been an issue between the larger consoles and the smaller handhelds, and one of the reasons why getting portable versions of games will limit you on what you experience. However, Nintendo does plan to rectify the gap between mobile and home console gaming with the Nintendo NX, assuming the patents, the diagrams and the rumored reports are true.

In the meantime, however, gamers will have Super Mario Maker on the 3DS to tide them over until the NX releases sometime in the spring of next year.

Super Mario Maker

While the 3DS port won't support direct multiplayer, it will allow players to share levels using the Street Pass feature or by using the local multiplayer feature. Partially constructed levels can also be shared, enabling players to go back and forth, building up and collaborating on complex levels within the game.

Super Mario Maker turned out to be a surprise hit for the Nintendo Wii U, selling more than 3 million units on the home console along with the new IP Splatoon. While a lot of people may have been dogging on Nintendo for the perceived failure of the Wii U, they still managed to move a lot of software for the console and it helped build some brand momentum for some of their franchises.

Some people are calling the release of the Wii U title on the 3DS a last ditch effort for the last-gen handheld to make some waves, which makes some sense given that the Nintendo NX could be both a replacement for the Wii U and the 3DS.

As for Super Mario Maker, the game allows players to build courses using a number of stage templates, enemies, backgrounds, obstacles, platforms and more. The game allows players to get creative with all sorts of challenging kits that span both the 2D and some of the 3D Super Mario games. There's even a dedicated sub-culture on YouTube and Twitch centered around playing through the stages of the game and creating impossibly difficult levels for players to complete.

You'll be able to get your hands on the game starting later this year on December 2nd for the Nintendo 3DS.

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