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Niantic Labs just introduced a major change in the way you can earn candy in Pokemon Go. The change comes in the form of the Buddy System. It's designed to allow players to bring a Pokemon out and travel alongside them.

Over on the official Pokemon Go website, Niantic Labs discussed some of the new updates for the mobile app, Pokemon Go. The new Buddy System should prove to be very useful for many gamers, as it allows them to bring out a Pokemon from their collection it will show up next to the trainer.

The new Buddy update isn't just for looks, though. While it can give your trainer a cool bit of camaraderie between them and the Pokemon, the Buddy System serves another purpose as well. Players will be able to earn that Pokemon's candy as they walk along with your trainer while you're out and about. This basically means that so long as you have a Pokemon as a buddy, you'll be able to earn rewards just for walking around. That's right... you'll be rewarded for walking.

You can swap out your buddy at any time, so you can earn candy for any of your Pokemon, making it easier to train some of the rarer breeds in Pokemon Go. There are no restrictions on which Pokemon you decide to take with you while you travel- so if you have just one Scyther or Abra, you'll still be able to level them up and evolve them.

The new Buddy System and the ability to earn rewards like candy while you travel around come shortly on the heels of Niantic Labs introducing the new Pokemon Appraisal system. Being able to appraise rival Pokemon enabled Pokemon Go players to pick out and see how dangerous or tough some of their Pokemon are, since their stats are not visible from the app.

The rest of Niantic's efforts seem to center around bug fixes and fighting bots. The company has been in a whirlwind of a fight against botters and third-party app makers who have all tried to get in on the Pokemon Go craze. The interesting thing about it is that some of these third-party app makers have actually been trying to help, especially in regards to the broken tracking system that Niantic has been terribly slow at fixing.

The third-party trackers helped make the game fun again for a lot of players, but Niantic cracked down on them and many of the trackers had to close up shop. For some people still using the trackers, they were hit in a series of ban waves to weed out cheaters and hackers in Pokemon Go. Niantic recently had to go through and begin to unban some players who were wrongly caught in the process.

There's a constant back and forth battle between botters, hackers, cheaters and Niantic, as everyone is attempting to stay ahead of the curve. At least this latest update is more benign and focuses on putting the fun back into Pokemon Go instead of the drudgery of dealing with bots and exploits.

Niantic isn't done with the game, though. The Buddy System is just one of many new features they have planned for Pokemon Go.

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