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The Electronic Sports League has teamed up with Nintendo for a pretty awesome prize at the end of a multi-season tournament for Splatoon that will end in spring of next year. What's the prize? A free Nintendo NX... the mystery console that has yet to be officially unveiled.

Gamespot is reporting that the ESL will be hosting a number of tournaments over the course of the next six months starting this Sunday on September 11th. The tournaments will take place in Nintendo's Wii U shooter game, Splatoon. These series of events have been called the Go4Splatoon Tournament and will allow both North Americans and Europeans to participate by registering over on the ESL sign-up page.

These tournaments will take place all throughout the fall and the winter, leading up to the spring finale for the launch of the Nintendo NX. The team who comes out victorious will have each of its members awarded a free Nintendo NX game console device.

It's an interesting reward given that no one even knows what the Nintendo NX is.

The game device has been rumored at one point to be a portable gaming console with touch-screen controls and wireless gameplay capabilities. Other reports indicate that it's a hybrid mobile device and game console, giving gamers an opportunity to play on the go or hook up the NX at home and game on the big screen TV.

Some of the rumors seemed to point to the NX having detachable controllers that operate based on infrared inputs, so they are electronics-free devices. Of course, we have no idea if that's actually true or not, but that's what some of the patents are pointing to.

It seems strange that Nintendo would gift away an NX before people actually have any clue as to what it truly is. They've been mum about it ever since news broke that they were working on a new game console. They seem to be the only console manufacturer sticking to the five year cycle, as opposed to Sony and Microsoft who try to milk as much as they can out of their consoles for as long as possible.

Having Splatoon players win the new NX does open up some interesting questions, though. For instance, does this mean there will be a Splatoon port from Wii U to NX when the console launches next year? Specifically, why would Nintendo attach the reward to their new shooter IP if they haven't announced an NX port yet? And, does this mean that the console is actually launching in March without any pre-release announcements?

Time seems to be running short when it comes to Nintendo having opportunities to break down and explain exactly what their new mystery device is. Some speculate that we could learn more about the Nintendo NX at the Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan, given that it's Nintendo's home turf. Others speculate that we could learn more through a Nintendo Direct. When it comes to the Big N there's absolutely no telling what they might do or when. For now, we basically have to sit back and let them play the press game at their own pace.

At least the lucky winners of the Splatoon tournament will be able to get their hands on the console for free, whether they care about the NX or not.

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