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Super Mario

Despite the fact that there are no official details on anything regarding the Nintendo NX other than that it's going to arrive in March of 2017, there seems to be an endless supply of speculation and news about the system. Well, a new report indicates that we could learn more about the NX this October.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that analysts have indicated that Nintendo may be prepping to make some official announcements about the Nintendo NX this October, next month. It seems like an odd time to drop details on the NX when it's a month removed from the Tokyo Game Show, a convention that usually favors announcements and big news regarding games from Japan's resident PlayStation and Nintendo brands, but then again Nintendo has always bucked convention.

October seems like such an odd month for an announcement because it's the same month in which Sony will be releasing the PlayStation VR, the company's first VR console headband for the PlayStation system. It's possible that making an announcement during October while the PSVR is picking up steam could potentially blow the wind out of the sails of one product or the other -- given that the PSVR is actually launching, there might be fewer eyes paying attention to the Nintendo NX -- since it would still be five months out from release.

But then again, time is running out. They were expected to make a big announcement at this year's E3 for the Nintendo NX, but nothing happened. GamesCom came and went and Nintendo has still been silent; they've only been pointing toward that coveted March 2017 release. The Tokyo Game Show approaches and now the worry begins to set in because it means they'll have to really work hard to grab the attention of both gamers and casuals alike if they want eyes on the NX if they really do plan to make an official announcement in October.

Just recently they were involved with Apple to announce Super Mario Run and, as pointed out by the WSJ, they came off a huge branding boost when the Prime Minister of Japan appeared at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympic games dressed up as Nintendo's iconic hero, Mario.

The company has also been reaping a lot of benefits from the continued popularity of Pokemon Go, which continues to expand into new regions and gains new content along the way. The game is obviously declining in user engagement since its original debut, but it's still doing well enough to keep Nintendo in the headlines.

The company now needs to find a way to take all of that press and marketing prestige and translate it into interest in the Nintendo NX. That will arguably be their biggest challenge yet.

Prima facie, most gamers are actually interested in the NX for the simple reason that it's not like the Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio, PS4 or PS4 Pro. Rumor has it that the console will be a hybrid mobile device that you can take with you on the go and a system that you can plug into your TV when you get home. Again, no details or confirmation has been released by Nintendo, but the speculation is turning into a fever pitch.

If what the Wall Street Journal is reporting is true, then we can expect to see and learn more about the NX this October.

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