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Nintendo has kept their lips shut tight when it comes to info on the Pokemon Go Plus, the wrist accessory that accompanies their mobile game, Pokemon Go. Well, now they've finally revealed that the release date for the Pokemon Go Plus is September 16th, which is a little over a week away.

As the tweet, which was posted up recently on the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, reveals Pokemon Go players now know that they will be able to grab the wrist accessory from participating distributors.

The device carries a price tag of $35 and, according to the official website, it's compatible with the iPhone running iOS version 8 or 9. This includes iPhone versions 5 through 6s Plus. They don't guarantee that the accessory will work or maintain compatibility with Apple's iPad devices, and they also mention that compatibility with any fifth generation or earlier iPod Touch device is not present.

If you're running an Android smart device, they do mention that any Android version 4.4 or higher should be able to pair up with the Pokemon Go Plus, but it may not be guaranteed. They also mention that Android tablets are not guaranteed to work with the wrist accessory either. Any Android device using Intel Atom processors also isn't supported.

For Android devices they also mention that they must have Bluetooth Smart capability installed, otherwise it won't pair up.

So what does the Pokemon Go Plus actually do? Well, you can use it to work in conjunction with Pokemon Go. It uses the GPS system from the phone and the game to locate nearby Pokemon and items for you. The device will light-up and vibrate to give you a heads-up about potential nearby opportunities.

It's possible to grab items, get goods from nearby PokeStops and even capture Pokemons within Pokemon Go with the simple press of a button. Whether or not this will be a huge selling item depends on how many people are still playing the game by the time September 16th arrives, but I'm assuming there's definitely going to be a big enough audience to at least make Nintendo and Niantic Labs a pretty penny.

There was speculation by some articles that the Pokemon Go Plus being able to capture Pokemon while the Pokemon Go app for the Apple Watch being absent of the feature was so that Nintendo could keep selling the hardware and still force Apple Watch users to pick up a Pokemon Go Plus. It's not that far fetched when you really think about it.

I don't know if the new wrist accessory will help at all with the tracking problems that have been plaguing Pokemon Go, but it should at least alleviate the need to have to whip out the phone every time a Pokemon is nearby or have to constantly keep your head down in your phone as you walk around town. It should also make it easier to perform other tasks since it frees your hands up, without having to carry your phone everywhere you go.

You'll be able to pick up the device for $35.

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