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Yesterday a report surfaced claiming that the WiiU was ceasing production this week. Now, Nintendo has responded to the report by denying it's true. A representative told a Japanese website that there were no plans to change the production schedule of the four-year-old console.

Even though the Nintendo Switch is slated to go on sale, [Wii U] production is scheduled to continue.

The statements to IT Media, and translated by Kotaku, would seem to directly contradict yesterday's reports by Eurogamer that Nintendo had decided to stop manufacturing new WiiU consoles starting now. Eurogamer has yet to respond to this new statement though the site claimed that Nintendo declined to comment on the story they ran yesterday.

Of course, as Kotaku points out, just because Nintendo claimed the story isn't true, doesn't actually mean it isn't true. Nintendo has previously denied plans to make a larger 3DS or to make software for smartphones, both things that eventually happened. It could be that the Eurogamer report is actually completely true and that Nintendo is just trying to not upset players with the news that support is beginning to dwindle for the console.

With all eyes currently on the recently announced Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has said that the new console is not designed as a direct replacement for either the WiiU or the 3DS. Of course, that doesn't mean that many gamers might not treat it as a replacement for both. The WiiU especially has never proven too popular, so we would expect it to fade away eventually. Of course, millions of people still own the console and considering that it's only four years old, those who did buy it would likely be very upset to discover that Nintendo has already given up on it.

It's also possible that Nintendo is being very honest here and they have no plans to give up on the WiiU. One thing that you can say about Nintendo is that they tend to fully commit to whatever new ideas they think are worth doing, even if they don't quite work out. While companies like Microsoft bundle the Kinect with every Xbox One, and then bail out as soon as gamers complain, thus guaranteeing the device will fail, Nintendo doubles down. Sometimes this means massive success like the Wii. Other times it results in missteps like the WiiU.

Whether or not the Nintendo Switch is designed to replace the WiiU or not, there's a good chance it will. It's highly unlikely that gamers who don't already own a WiiU will be looking to buy one anytime soon, instead, planning to hold their money until the Switch hits in March. The lack of backward compatibility in the new console might change that, but if you really wanted to play Mario Kart 8, odds are you already are.

Should Nintendo cease production on the WiiU or does not it make more sense to keep going with the console for now? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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