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Niantic Labs managed to infuse all sorts of goodies into Pokemon Go, even more-so than what you may have originally thought. There are tons of secrets to discover, with the developers constantly adding in tidbits of bonuses and hidden items with some of the new updates.

According to GamesRadar, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke was asked about secrets being tucked away deep inside the code of Pokemon Go, and if players could unlock or access things that may not be readily apparent to most gamers. Hanke stated...

There will always be secrets in the game that no one has found because we're always adding new secrets to the game. There's one out there right now and we'll see how that plays out over the course of the next few weeks.

So another secret has joined the likes of Pokemon Go? Apparently it must have been added in during the last round of updates that landed for the game, the most recent being the bonus XP opportunities made available on a daily and weekly basis. The bonus XP update arrived shortly after the Halloween special event, which saw gamers being able to get their hands on very rare and very powerful psychic and ghost Pokemon in the mobile app.

Pokemon Go

However, ghost types and psychics aren't the super-secret specialties that Hanke is talking about.

GamesRadar is reporting that data miners are already poring over every piece of debug code and every line of hex to mine out whatever kind of useful info they can from Pokemon Go following the most recent updates. The article points out that the miners had already previously uncovered details about Ditto, but they're still being intrepid about uncovering whatever new goodies and bonuses that Niantic has slithered into the mobile phone app during the latest round of updates.

The best part about it is that this means gamers will have to keep playing Pokemon Go to uncover whatever these new secrets are. Well, technically, if you hate the app and you hate mobile gaming then you probably wouldn't think that's all for the best, but for Niantic Labs the whole concept of keeping the user engagement high and the daily active users up is paramount for maintaining market control, market presence and buffering the mind-share of the app.

The more people who are interested in Pokemon Go, the more likely they'll be able to keep bringing in the sweet revenue of the game.

However, that brings us to a very important part of all of this: what if the secrets aren't all that special?

Technically, saying that there are secrets in the game can easily get a lot of people riled up, but it could be something as simple as an Easter Egg pointing toward another Pokemon game, or it could be something like a simple texture in some part of the game that they slipped in. Just because it's a secret doesn't necessarily mean it's a big secret. Anyway, we'll likely find out soon enough what's this mysterious new secret in Pokemon Go as gamers and data miners continue to peel away at the layers to uncover whatever hidden goodies Niantic has tucked away in the game.

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