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Dishonored 2

Arkane Studios have been dealing with an issue this weekend instead of enjoying the fruits of their labors with the release of Dishonored 2. There have been multiple reports about PC gamers having to deal with some unpleasant performance issues, and now Arkane has mentioned what they're doing about the PC issues.

PC Gamer is reporting that Arkane is now on the job of rectifying the issues on PC that were reported as early as Thursday night and Friday morning when people had preloaded Dishonored 2 and were trying to play the game, only to find that they were being met with crashes at the start-up and stuttering issues.

Within the next few days they will issue a new patch specifically for the PC version of Dishonored 2. This will hopefully alleviate the stuttering, and also fix the crashing issue that some gamers are experiencing.

Over on the official Bethesda website, the developers announced that the patch would be coming and that they were actively working on a fix. They don't give an exact date on when the Dishonored 2 patch would go live, but it's set to arrive within the "coming days". This is a separate patch from the day one 9GB patch that the PS4 and Xbox One received when the game launched this past Friday. According to the creative director Harvey Smith, the day-one patch for the home consoles was already included in the PC launch, so the fixes they included in the launch patch did not address the problems in the PC version of the game.

While PC gamers wait for the patch to arrive on PC, there have been some suggestions to disable graphics options like TXAA, which some people have stated was giving them problems even on an i7 running a GTX 1080. There have also been suggestions to drop the resolution below 2K unless you are using a single high-end GPU.

The issues that some people were experiencing involved drops from 120fps down to 50fps every two or three seconds.

Once the performance issues get sorted out I think Arkane Studios can sit back and reap some of the benefits of their labor with Dishonored 2, which has been receiving a lot of positive critical feedback so far.

The launch day performance issues is nothing new when it comes to AAA games. To avoid these kind of launch hiccups, indie games run their titles through Early Access to iron out the kinks, smooth out the jagged edges, and ultimately try to give gamers the most pristine launch experience that their budget and technical prowess will allow.

But given that PC games don't have the strict certification processes that home consoles do, it's easier for developers to issue hotfixes and interim patches to address certain issues while they work on bigger, more stable patches. In the case of Dishonored 2, they seemed to take most of Friday to just gather feedback and resources on what the actual problem was, and then began working on those fixes shortly thereafter.

Based on the vague timeline of when the patch will arrive, it sounds like you can expect it no sooner than Sunday or Monday.

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