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Just in time to make some holiday miracles a reality, it looks like there will be a good(ish) chance to get your hands on one of those popular NES Classic Edition consoles soon. And by "soon," we mean you might want to load up the camping gear, because they're coming at you tomorrow, Dec. 4.

Toys R Us announced this weekend that they will be getting the NES Classic back in stock. That's pretty big news, as they're the only retailer to make such a claim and, of course, Nintendo hasn't offered word one on when the micro-consoles will be back in supply. According to a report from CNBC, Toys R Us expects to have the things ready to fly right back off of the shelf this Sunday. Unlike online retailers where price gouging is occurring, you'll only need to fork over $59.99 if you buy it at retail, rather than $200.

This all comes as part of Toys R Us' "Great Big Christmas Sale," which runs from Dec. 4-10. Of course, those NES Classics aren't expected to make it past day one, which is why you might want to go ahead and get in line now if you absolutely, positively must get your hands on one for the holidays.

In case you're into the latest toys, Toys R Us will also be getting in shipments of Hatchimals, the season's biggest hit with youngsters. Both items will go on sale when store doors open at 8 a.m. tomorrow, so plan accordingly.

Again, if Toys R Us is getting in fresh shipments, you might want to try your luck at other retailers, too. Wal-Mart, Target and the like carried the NES Classic when it first launched a few weeks back, but no other retailers is yet claiming to have a restock on the way. We figured Nintendo would have to at least get a few more of the consoles out in the wild before the holidays, so now seems like pretty good timing to do exactly that.

In case you're curious what all of the fuss is about, the NES Classic Edition is a micro-sized replica of the original Nintendo console, pre-loaded with a whole bunch of games from series like Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., Castlevania, Metroid and the like. The extra cool thing is that the system runs on USB, which means it can plug directly into just about any modern TV, monitor or laptop.

As is frustratingly common with a Nintendo product, though, the market wasn't exactly flooded with the things, which has led to online re-sales skyrocketing in price. Here's hoping the supply gets boosted in the coming months and more people will be able to find the NES Classic without having to camp out in front of a store or fork over four times its standard cost on ebay.

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