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Super Mario Run

Nintendo originally launched Super Mario Run on Apple's devices, including the iPhone line, the iPad and the iPod Touch. Well, they've recently made it known that the game will be making its way to Android devices and Android users can pre-register to play the game right now.

Polygon is reporting that pre-registration for Super Mario Run is currently open for Android users who want to get in early on the launch of Nintendo's runner for mobile devices. They're reporting that despite pre-registration being open, there's actually no release date for the runner on Android devices.

For now there's just a 2017 placeholder, but rest assured Nintendo had mentioned beforehand that they would be launching the app on more than just iOS devices. So it's basically a matter of being patient and waiting for the Big N' to drop a final release date on the app.

If you head on over to the Google Play page you'll see that they have a fully detailed portal setup with a description of the game, a trailer and some screenshots. They roughly explain that you can play Super Mario Run with just one hand, because the game only focuses on using one button to play. As a player, all you have to do is jump. That's right, you don't have to move Mario, you don't have to figure out which way to run, or which direction to head in, or anything else. The only thing you have to do is time your jumps.

As simple as the game sounds, Super Mario Run has actually become quite the challenge for some players, and there's now a robust meta-culture spread throughout the gaming sphere that focuses on helping players complete some of the more difficult challenges in the game, such as getting a hold of the rare pink, purple and black coins.

Just like the iOS version of the game, Android users will be able to partake in four different game modes. This includes the World Tour mode where you'll need to blast through each of the levels across six worlds to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, as well as the Toad Rally that sees players competing against one another to complete various challenges. The Toad Rally mode also focuses more on style over speed, as players will be required to pull off various stunts and fancy moves in order to score points and move up the leaderboards.

But it doesn't end there... Super Mario Run also features the Kingdom Builder, where you can deck out your land with all sorts of accessories and accouterments that you acquire from collecting coins in the World Tour mode and beating friends in the Toad Rally mode. The more coins and items you collect, the more you can customize your kingdom.

The final mode was added recently as part of the Free Trial, which allows players to partake in a Friendly Run against friends and rivals alike. Unlike the normal Toad Rally mode, the Friendly Run prohibits you from earning coins and points, so you won't be able to earn anything from the mode to use toward upgrading your kingdom.

And speaking of the Free Trial... gamers will have access to a limited number of levels in Super Mario Run in the version. However, for those who want to experience the full thing it will require ponying up $9.99 to unlock the full game.

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