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How do you top the Super Mario Galaxy series? Well, you go bigger and you go better. That seemed to be Nintendo's gist with Super Mario Odyssey, one of the many games showcased for an expansive library of titles set to come out for the Nintendo Switch.

During the live stage presentation for the Nintendo Switch, we saw the red-and-blue overalls-wearing plumber make his debut by jumping out of the sewer from the busy streets of an alternate version of New York City. The full trailer was posted up on the Nintendo YouTube channel so you can soak in the near-three minute fiesta of excellence.

The game looks incredible and massive, as players will journey from New Donk City (Nintendo's fictitious name for the realistic looking metropolis) to the classic Mushroom Kingdom, and beyond. Just as the name implies, players will journey with Mario on an all new odyssey across vast new worlds and a few familiar places.

Nintendo announced that the game will be the first major open-world Mario adventure since Super Mario Sunshine. The game will see Mario being able to utilize a lot of his moves and skills from Super Mario 64, but enhanced for today's generation of gaming. The pudgy plumber can shimmy across ledges, hop between close-quarter walls, swing off lamp posts, bounce off the hood of cars and perform all new feats like the rolling dash... not unlike Sonic.

The Nintendo Switch exclusive also features an airship that will allow players to journey between worlds, opening up all new possibilities on how players traverse and discover new locations in Super Mario Odyssey. We get to see a new desert stage that seems to lead to a town covered in sand and ice. The theme of the stage appears to be based on classic Tijuana architecture. We also get to see a dark marshland, where Mario swims and travels across floating platforms and not-so-shallow lakes.

One of the more eye-catching stages is a polygonal candy land. Brightly colored sweet treats and dinnerware line the ground, while giant fruits, vegetables, and other eatables are scattered about the vibrantly designed stage.

The response to the trailer has been overwhelmingly positive. There are jokes about the game being similar to Grand Theft Auto thanks to some parts taking place in the urban environments, but most people say it's a cross between Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. I think that's an apt description.

There's generally just a lot of people talking about how much they want the game. Unfortunately, Super Mario Odyssey will not be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. The game has a holiday, 2017 launch window. This means you'll have to wait until the end of the year to get your hands on the fresh looking Super Mario title.

Even still, the hype is real and if Nintendo can maintain momentum for the Nintendo Switch on the market leading up to the fall season, they'll have a huge winner on their hands with this game.

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