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We saw a lot of interesting games at the Nintendo Switch event last night. However, there're a lot more coming out for the console than Nintendo had time to discuss. One of the most interesting new titles is an inventive new puzzle game. Snipperclips is a multiplayer game that has you slicing up your avatar to create the shapes needed to beat puzzles and accomplish tasks.

While last night's big Nintendo event gave us the nuts and bolts of the system and announced a few key games, Nintendo of America has spent the morning streaming one of their Treehouse Live events to go a little deeper into many titles, including some that didn't come up during the main event. One of these was Snipperclips.

In Snipperclips players take control of oddly shaped avatars who have the ability to cut each other into different shapes. By occupying the same two-dimensional space and then hitting a button, one player can chop off part of another player's body. This allows players to combine themselves into different shapes in order to fill a predetermined space, as one puzzle type showed.

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It does get more complicated, however. Some puzzles require the players to work together to accomplish a task, like put a pencil inside a pencil sharpener, pop a balloon, or put a basketball through a hoop. This means that players will need to figure out what shape they will need to be in order to execute the task, and then do it.

Snipperclips is a new IP from Nintendo, and while there are plenty of places to be critical of the company, this is one of the things that they do well. It's a unique and creative idea that will appeal to both regular video game players as well as the casual market. It's the sort of thing that you can pick up and play and enjoy in short play sessions but always come back to.

The game can apparently be played by one to four players, it's not clear how a game that seems to require at least two people works in a single player mode, but we'll likely learn more the closer we get to the game's launch.

It honestly reminds me of Scribblenauts. While the mechanics are different, the idea that you're own creativity can open up multiple ways to solve the puzzles seems like a lot of fun that opens up the replayability. What do you think of this one? Let us know in the comments.

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