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In case you're worried about storage capacity on the Nintendo Switch, it turns out you'll be able to use massive memory cards on the device. There are a couple of catches, though, including the fact that said memory cards don't actually exist yet.

According to a recent report and update from Gameinformer, Nintendo is claiming that the Switch will eventually be able to support 2TB Micro SDXC memory cards. The reason the word "eventually" is in there is because such a card hasn't actually hit the market yet. In fact, we're only about a quarter of the way there at present. Nintendo goes on to state that, while such technology is not yet available, the system will definitely be ready once the future becomes the present.

There are two big issues we see concerning this revelation, though. Currently, the biggest SDXC memory card you can get right now holds about 500GB of info, about a quarter of the 2 TB limit Nintendo is touting. In other words, we could very well be years away from even having those large memory cards available, so it seems a bit odd to bring them up now as if that somehow takes care of the Switch's HDD issues.

Secondly, those 500GB cards we just mentioned? Yeah, those bad boys will set you back at least $200 on their own. So if you want even remotely decent storage space on your Switch, you're going to need to just about double your investment.

If you're planning on going digital with your Switch, you should probably get the biggest memory card you can get your hands on, as you're definitely going to need it. While old-school Nintendo games won't take up much space at all, we know that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will use up a good 12GB, which is a hefty chunk of the Switch's on-board 32GB of space. Even if you go physical, the latest Zelda will still need to install several gigabytes onto your console because while the console might not be meeting all modern expectations, it sounds like the games will. We live in an era where a physical game can still take up to 50GB or so, which is why that on-board 32GB and even 500GB through memory cards doesn't sound all that impressive. On top of games, there's all those updates and DLC to worry about, too.

Here's hoping those bigger cards get here quickly and don't cost an arm and a leg when they arrive. Until then, what are your thoughts on the Switch's storage issues? Are you planning to just jump on board and make due, or are you perhaps waiting for a "Gen 2" machine with more space? Let us know in the comments below.

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