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Nintendo's Super Mario Run has been running wild on Apple's mobile smart devices since December 15 in 2016, but Android gamers have been wondering when they'll get a turn? Well, the release date was revealed when Super Mario Run will finlly hit Android.

The news came courtesy of the Nintendo of America Twitter account, where they announced that Android users can pre-register right now so they can be informed when the game finally becomes available in March.

Pre-registration is a pretty simple one-two step. You literally head to the Google Play store and click on "Register". That's it. If you're not down with registering in order to be notified about the release of Super Mario Run on Android, you can always opt out of the registration by clicking on the "Unregister" button right there at the top right-hand corner of the Google Play shop. If you still plan on getting your hands on the game, you'll just have to remember to do so manually.

Super Mario Run had a strong showing its first two weeks out, gaining lots of widespread publicity and attention from the media, but things quickly tapered off in large part due to the game only having a free trial and requiring $9.99 in order to access the full game.

A lot of analysts and shareholders were displeased with the full price tag on the game and felt it was inhibiting the potential sales revenue for the game. After having a rather large outing at release, the analysts and market pundits' foretelling began to come true. Quartz reported that there was a massive drop-off in interest in the game just into its second week on the market. By the third week, things had become dire.

According to VG 24/7 Super Mario Run grossed $30 million since its release in December despite topping 90 million downloads. Obviously, a lot of people were interested in the trial but not in forking over $9.99 for a mobile game.

Shareholders and analyst continue to beckon Nintendo to implement more free-to-play options and microtransactions to boost revenue Super Mario Run. Nintendo has held firm about avoiding gouging customers with artificial paywalls to boost revenue.

This was always going to be an issue between what mobile analysts and shareholders want and what Nintendo wants, given that both are diametrically opposed when it comes to the philosophy of working the gaming market. Shareholders want companies to charge for everything to make as much money as possible, whereas companies like Nintendo want to make actual quality products people will enjoy. $30 million is nothing to scoff at, especially given that the game likely had a small development budget, but that's just not enough for most shareholders.

There's a large opportunity for Nintendo to really bolster revenue with the Android crowd once the game becomes available. It's also an interesting time for Nintendo to release the game. As many of you know, the Nintendo Switch is also scheduled to release in March... March 3 to be exact. It definitely makes you wonder if having the Switch on the market with the Super Mario Run release taking place around the same time on Android devices, if the Switch's launch will impact the game's sales performance? We'll definitely get that answer in March.

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