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The portable compatibility of the Nintendo Switch opens it up for some huge possibilities. A lot of gamers travel around by bus, taxi or train, and they need to play while taking the long commute. But what about players who eat that spicy burrito and can't hold back the natural flow of gastrointestinal productivity? Well, Nintendo's got you covered.

Youtube user Dystify uploaded the 30 second ad, which starts by showing a guy on the toilet playing Mario Kart 8: Deluxe on his brand spanking new Nintendo Switch.

The ad is short and to the point. It's mostly aimed at young millennials between college and their early 20s. Following the guy who had to dispense of that mean burrito discussed at the top of the article, we then get to see four other guys playing Mario Kart 8: Deluxe at home on the couch. The hip living room shows a spacious environment where the Nintendo Switch's long range wireless controller capabilities get a brief shot in the spotlight.

A word of warning: Those Joy-Con controllers are not cheap, and the multilayer functionality of those devices will run you the pretty penny of $80. Of course, there's the option of using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which is $10 cheaper than the Joy-Con controllers, and will only run you $70.

So while the Nintendo Switch is heavily promoted for its local, ad-hoc and online multiplayer, the reality is that the local multiplayer can be very expensive. This rings especially true if you're on a budget but you're considering getting a Nintendo Switch. It's not a knock against the system, just a bit of honesty about the pricing structure for the system; and the reason for that is due to the Nintendo Switch's unique architecture.

The Switch itself can dock and undock, as showcased in the trailer above. You can play with the Joy-Con controllers or use the touchscreen when applicable. It also supports motion controls through an accelerometer and gyro controls. What's more is that each of the Joy-Con controllers can also be used for motion purposes thanks to built-in features that allow it to do very similar things to the original Wii-mote controllers. Essentially you're getting a lot in a tiny package.

The Nintendo Switch is designed to give home console gamers something to play around with on the big screen with HD resolutions and up to 60 frames per second in some games, but it also gives portable gamers something to use while on the go. The Switch itself is tiny enough to be comparable to the average tablet. However, at launch a lot of the tablet-style functionality will not be present.

There have been various reports about Nintendo not including certain app functionality at launch, so services like Netflix and Hulu won't be usable on the go until they're later patched in, and there are still questions surrounding things like browsers and online capabilities. On the bright side, we do know that online multiplayer is still a thing, but anything outside of gaming is still kind of hazy.

You can look to get your hands on the Nintendo Switch starting March 3rd. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe will be available at the end of April.

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