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The Nintendo Switch is set to launch in just under a month, but it looks like some folks who thought they had their shiny new console reserved will instead be left out in the cold.

According to a recent report from My Nintendo News, multiple retailers are apparently canceling pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch, including GameStop and Target.

Nintendo Switch

Last week it was reported that some folks were receiving notice from GameStop that their Nintendo Switch pre-orders were canceled. This week, folks like MNN reader Dank Plank are claiming that the same thing is happening with Target. According to their claim, they contacted Target following the notice to find out why they no longer had the new Nintendo console on reserve. Mr. Plank states that the reason they were given was that Target took too many pre-orders for the stock they will be receiving.

That's a real bummer for anyone affected by the stock shortage but, really, there are a couple of different scenarios that could be at play here.

For starters, it could be that Nintendo is not providing the number of Switch consoles they initially planned. If they were unable to get as many consoles out the door for day one sales as anticipated, that would explain why some pre-orders are now being canceled.

On the other hand, the retailers could be to blame. Stores like GameStop and Target could technically take as many pre-orders as they wanted. We imagine their numbers were based on either quotes from Nintendo or previous experience but, either way, it's possible that the retailers simply overestimated how many consoles they would be getting on March 3. Again, if that happened, then the stores that have more pre-orders than they'll have hardware would need to cut a few people off.

If it's the fault of short supply, that's a real shame that's likely going to leave a lot of would be Switch fans feeling awful bitter. If it's the fault of the retailers, then maybe pre-order practices need to be restructured. The whole purpose of a pre-order program is for people to lay down their money bright and early to reserve a product. If you can't deliver on that promise, then there's an issue. Dank Plank, for instance, may very well have been able to get a pre-order in time elsewhere had they not been given the green light by Target. A system that was supposed to provide peace of mind has instead left many consumers scrambling, and that's bad business for whichever party is to blame.

We'd be interested in knowing if any of our readers have been hit by this pre-order cancellation for the Switch. Fill us in on the details in the comments below.

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