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Indivisible, the 2D action RPG from the team at Lab Zero, could be looking to make the leap to a new console. With a little luck, it looks like the colorful adventure could be making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

While Indivisible wrapped up its Indiegogo more than a year ago, final launch plans are still being nailed down as development continues behind the scenes. Over on Twitter, the developers recently tweeted about the game's planned physical launch and, in the resulting stream of replies, were asked directly if a Nintendo Switch launch would be in the cards. According to the response, there's a possibility Lab Zero could be partnering with 505 Games to make that dream a reality.

In case the artwork looks familiar, it's because Indivisible comes from the same team responsible for Skullgirls, a brilliant indie fighter that's managed to gather a dedicated following. This latest offering is a big departure from the studio's fighting roots, though, offering an action RPG romp that features both platforming and combat akin to one of my all-time favorite games, Valkyrie Profile. In case someone from Square Enix is listening, it has not gone unnoticed that THAT game is still not available digitally anywhere...Just sayin'.

Anyway, Indivisible wrapped up its original funding drive successfully and is currently sitting pretty with nearly $2 million in the bank. The game is currently slated to launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. There's a physical version available to reserve, too, and the team is currently trying to encourage a small portion of their backers to upgrade in order to unlock yet another stretch goal for the game.

If you're interested in seeing what Indivisible is all about, you can download a prototype build from the game's official website. The same build is available for download on consoles, too. Keep in mind that it's pretty-dang old at this point, so the game has obviously come a long way since then. Still, there's enough there to get an idea of what the final game will be all about.

We love seeing indie games get to branch out to more platforms, and the Nintendo Switch seems like a perfect fit for Indivisible. It's bright and colorful, with an aesthetic that's kind of reminiscent of the Dragon Quest series. The team also sites Metroid as an inspiration so, hey, it seems like it would be a natural pairing with Nintendo's upcoming console.

But, while the Nintendo Switch is set to launch on March 3, we still have no idea when Indivisible will finally arrive. Here's hoping that 2017 is the magic number!

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