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Niantic Labs haven't been in the news recently, but they're about to change that by doing something big and special for Valentine's Day. If you haven't been regularly playing Pokemon Go there's now a really good reason to get back into it.

According to Gamespot, you'll be able to get in on some special events that includes catching and hatching Pokemon. In so doing you'll receive twice as much candy. A befitting bonus for Valentine's Day. If you have a buddy Pokemon out and accompanying you, they'll find candy twice as fast as usual. A real lovely time for Pokemon Go users, no?

In addition to the extra candy drops, they also announced that Jiggly Puff and other pink Pokemon such as Porygon, Clefable and Chansey will show up more often during the Valentine's Day event. Hatching eggs will also net you a higher chance of encountering Cleffa, Smoochum and Igglybuff. These rare Pokemon help signal Niantic Labs' full dive into celebrating the day of love.

The event is currently underway right now and will run from February 8th all the way to February 15th.

Mobile gamers will also gain additional bonuses for using Lure Modules, which will last up to six hours instead of just 30 minutes. This means you're more likely to catch a bunch of common and rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

This has been the first major event that Niantic Labs have focused on at the start of 2017. They rounded out 2016 with some other winter events to help get gamers up and out during the holiday Christmas season and leading into New Year's. However, they went dormant for a while as they racked up major bucks and continued to break records in preparation for Pokemon Go's Valentine's Day event.

The game was originally pegged to be little more than a fad, but consistent updates, frequently added new content, and server stability has managed to make the fad last a heck of a lot longer than some people expected.

The game itself is still rather simplistic, but after receiving lots of requests from gamers to add in new generation Pokemon, Niantic did begin to listen. However, a lot of people wanted some measure of crossover between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun and Moon in terms of what new Pokemon would show up in the mobile app, however, Niantic was limited to only including some gen 2 Pokemon for the iOS and Android game.

It's highly likely that Nintendo won't want Niantic to start adding in newer Pokemon until sales have saturated for Nintendo 3DS titles like Pokemon Sun and Moon. Nevertheless, if Niantic keeps rolling out events in a timely fashion for the game, such as the Valentine's Day event, then they might be able to get by on the available Pokemon they have in Pokemon Go up until the numbers start to actually wane in a drastic way.

I also wonder how well the game will be supported if Nintendo decides to start curtailing their mobile support in favor of supporting the Nintendo Switch with Pokemon games? They didn't really do that with the Wii U but who knows, maybe they'll treat the Switch better? For now, you can start collecting and hatching those "pink" Pokemon in Pokemon Go up until February 15th.

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