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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Marill

Niantic Labs dropped a major update for Pokemon Go, giving gamers more than 80 new Pokemon to capture, new berries to add to their inventory, and lots of other new features. There is almost too much content added to Pokemon Go for its own good.

The news was rolled out over on the official Pokemon Go website, where Niantic Labs went through a quick bulleted list of all the new features. They note that for version 0.57.2 for Android and 1.27.2 for iOS devices, gamers can look forward to capturing 80 all new Pokemon from the Johto region. This includes 86 brand new moves for Pokemon to use during combat, as well as various Pokemon from the second generation of games that span Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

According to Ranked Boost, they note that some of the best Pokemon in the new update include Tyranitar, Blissey, Espeon, Heracross, Scizor, Donphan, Ursaring, Ampharos, and Porygon, to name but a few. The site does a fine job of breaking down the top attackers and defenders amongst the new horde of Pokemon in Pokemon Go's latest update. For gamers serious about the stats, strategies and a complete list of all 80 Pokemon and their new evolutions, the Ranked Boost piece does a fine job of breaking all of that down. The new Pokemon also come in gendered types, so now you can get a male or female version of a Pokemon.

And speaking of evolutions, one of the other new additions to the update includes all new evolutions for players to uncover by using special new evolution items. BGR breaks down how to obtain these new items, and goes through the process of explaining that players will need to visit PokeStops and spin the disc to randomly try to acquire them. Some of these evolutionary items include a Dragon Scale, King's Rock, Metal Coat, Sun Stone, and Upgrade. They list out each of the Pokemon that the items affect and how they can be used to quickly evolve some of the second generation Pokemon added to Pokemon Go.

New berries have also made the cut. According to Pocket-Lint, there are two new berries that you can acquire, including the Nanab Berry, which can be used like a sedative against Pokemon to slow them down and make it easier to throw a ball and catch them; and the Pinap Berry, which boosts the number of candy drops you get from catching a Pokemon.

Niantic Labs also updated the character avatar customization, allowing more avatar outfit customization and accessories to the stash. A night-mode has been implemented along with new music, and they've added the ability to quickly carouse through Poke Ball and Berries during the encounter screen.

Some of the other features in the Pokemon Go update includes stability and performance updates for Apple Watch users, and various text fixes for the in-game menus and UI.

This mammoth update for Pokemon Go is available right now and your game version should be updated to the latest roll out. You can get your hands on the game for free by downloading it from either the Google Play outlet or the iTunes App Store.

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