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Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+

The Nintendo Switch's launch line-up is always criticized as being somewhat thin. Well, those criticisms gain even more merit now that one of the games that was supposed to launch with the Nintendo Switch will be missing launch day after all.

According to Polygon, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbith+ has been delayed from its original March 3rd release for the Nintendo Switch and pushed back later into March. This was confirmed through an announcement made by the publisher, Nicalis.

In a post over on tyrod, they apologized to fans for the slight delay, and they noted that while The Binding of Isaac is still coming for the Nintendo Switch in March, it just won't be on the same day that the system launches. Originally, the game was set to arrive in the spring for Switch, and then later it was confirmed to be a launch title and now... well, now it's back to releasing at some point in March.

Those who pre-ordered the game will still receive the game, but they'll just have to wait further into March before they'll be able to enjoy it on the Switch.

This isn't the biggest blow to the Switch's launch line-up, since the game is still coming in March. However, some gamers have noted that even the day-one offerings are still very, very thin. In fact, most newer home consoles launch with around 20 games available across the various regions.

The Wii actually had a pretty impressive line-up of more than 30 games when it arrived during the holiday season of 2006. The Wii U even launched with over 30 games as well, many of which were third-party multiplatform titles.

The Nintendo Switch is launching with just under 10 titles on day-one. The only major titles being made available for the Switch on launch day is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1-2-Switch and Skylanders: Imaginators. The other titles are smaller niche games or casual titles. It's doubtful that The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ would have been some huge mover and shaker for the Switch on day one, but it likely would have helped pad out the library appeal of the Switch.

Gamers looking for something similar to The Binding of Isaac on the Switch will have to settle with Super Bomberman R, which still isn't much like the rogue-like game but is still an overhead action title.

The real heavy hitters for the Switch won't be available until later into March and further into the spring, including the exclusive Arms, which still doesn't have a release date; or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which is scheduled to arrive a month later on April 28th.

Nintendo is definitely running a risky business by launching with such a thin line-up of games, but they noted previously that they have a year's worth of hard-hitting, high-profile AAA games scheduled to launch in each quarter leading up to the holiday season where Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to arrive for the Nintendo Switch.

Even still, they'll need a solid line-up of third-party games to pad out the long stretches between AAA exclusives. This was literally the very thing that hampered the success of the Wii U early in its lifespan, in addition to rather confused marketing.

Again, the delay for The Binding of Isaac for the Switch isn't that bad, but it won't be launch title.

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