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If you've been dying to see what's inside the Nintendo Switch and get a good understanding of the proprietary tech powering Nintendo's little hybrid system, hold on to your butts because there's a new video breaking down and showing exactly what's inside the Switch.

The breakdown comes courtesy of iFixit, who have done an amazing job with tech and game consoles, dismantling them and showing everyone exactly what's inside.

The video starts by unscrewing the back cover, where we get to see the metal housing protecting all of its technical guts and important bits. The micro SD card reader can be easily removed, which seems to indicate that if it ever fails you could technically replace it within the Nintendo Switch without much hassle at all. Although, if it does fail it's probably best to have Nintendo take a look at it.

One of the most surprising things about the Nintendo Switch is that the largest component inside of the housing is actually the 3.7v 4310 mAh battery. It's a fairly large component and understandably so, given that it has to attempt to power the Switch running fairly high-end games for at least a couple of hours. It definitely makes you wonder if modders will attempt to replace the battery with something a bit more powerful to get it to last longer while the Nintendo Switch is in portable mode?

The next largest device inside is the headphone jack and cartridge reader. Technically, the component isn't very large at all, but compared to how tiny everything else is inside of the Switch, the cartridge reader and the battery obviously take up the most space.

Getting the cartridge reader out of the Switch housing is no easy task, though. It's securely lodged inside the system with plenty of paste to dissipate the heat.

Now the most fascinating piece of tech inside the Switch is the board where the RAM and custom Tegra processor is located. The 4GB LPDDR4 RAM is separated into two chips and are housed just above the Nvidia Tegra processor.

Believe it or not, that's just the halfway point of the video. The next half covers the dismantling of Nintendo's Joy-Con controller. After taking off the back of the controller shell they take out the largest piece of equipment inside the controller: a 3.7 volt 626 mAh battery.

Yes, the largest pieces of tech inside the Switch unit and the tiny Joy-Con controllers are the batteries. It should almost come as no surprise given how much the system relies on the portability factor.

Below the battery is the actual heart and soul of the Joy-Con controller. The board for the NFC reader and the Bluetooth broadcast transceiver are right next to each other.

Finally, they dismantle the Nintendo Switch's docking station, and inside is a mostly empty housing save for the ports for HDMI out and the power cable; underneath that is the actual port chip. However, they go a bit deper. They remove another plastic housing attached to a cable, but don't exactly say what it is they're removing or what it does.

The iFixit videos are always fascinating when they dismantle game consoles because you really get to see the inner workings of the devices. So now that you've seen inside the Nintendo Switch, what do you think about it? Impressed much?

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