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Logo for Super Mario Run on Mobile

While iOS users have been able to play Super Mario Run for a few months now, the Android market has been left out in the cold. Thankfully, things will be warming up soon as Nintendo announces the mustachioed plumber will soon be jumping on to more platforms than ever.

That's right, Super Mario Run is set to dash onto Android devices later this week. Launching for iOS in late 2016, the only news Android users had on an upcoming launch for their platform of choice was, "soon." A couple of weeks ago, a Super Mario Run placeholder popped up on the Google Play Store, letting folks know that it was nearly upon us. This weekend, Nintendo finally let the cat out of the bag.

If you've been waiting to play Super Mario Run on Android, then your patience will be rewarded this Thursday, March 23. For those of you playing the iOS version of the game, you'll also have something to look forward to on March 23, as that is when your version of Mario Run will updated to version 2.0.0. According to a report from Polygon, that update will include new playable characters for folks to enjoy, as well as added bonus for those who have not purchased the game yet. Currently, the free version of Super Mario Run only lets you sprint through the first three worlds, kind of like a demo. Once the update goes live, you'll also be able to check out World 1-4 in the free version, in case you needed some extra convincing. We assume this latest version of the game is the one that the Android crowd will have at launch.

Unlike most mobile runners, Super Mario Run is a for-pay offering, so don't expect a bunch of different types of in-game currencies and upgrading to weed through. Instead, you can drop $9.99 on the game and unlock the full package. That includes 24 levels in the game's World Tour mode, as well as some multiplayer challenges in the Toad Rally mode. Along the way, you'll collect items to use in your own version of the Mushroom Kingdom, a fun little distraction for when you're tired of running like crazy.

If 24 levels doesn't seem like a huge number, it's worth noting that you'll want to play each of them several times over in order to unlock everything and get the best scores. Each of the playable characters controls a little differently, too, so you might find certain areas and items easier to get to if you experiment with different characters.

With Super Mario Odyssey set to launch on the Nintendo Switch in late 2017, this bite-sized mobile take on the Mario universe might be the perfect way to get you in the mood for a much bigger adventure this holiday season.