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Splatoon 2

One of the new modes in Splatoon 2 that Nintendo unveiled during the Nintendo Direct yesterday was a new horde-style mode where players will attempt to work together to take down baddies throughout an increasingly difficult set of wave-based challenges.

Polygon detailed how the mode works. It's called Salmon Run and the objective is to work with your teammates to fight hordes of giant, mutated salmon emerging from the sea. Players will attempt to collect Power Eggs while battling against the enemy NPCs.

Just like other horde modes from games like Gears of War or the co-op survival modes in Resident Evil, if one of the inklings bites the dust while facing off against the salmon in Splatoon 2, one teammate can race over and resuscitate another teammate. Downed teammates will turn into a lifesaver with a flag waving about. If a teammate gets to their downed teammate in time, they can then bring them back into the fight.

The objective is to hold off the Salmon for as long as possible while collecting the golden Power Eggs, turning the horde mode into more of a capture the flag style event. The more eggs you collect the better your rewards will be at the end of the run. So there's definitely an incentive there to perform as well as you possibly can in order to unlock some new stuff. They don't say what the rewards are in Splatoon 2's horde mode, so we'll have to wait for a later date to discover what they could be.

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While the one map with the salmon is what was demonstrated during the Nintendo Direct, the reality is that they actually have plans on having more than just one map and one type of horde mode. During the demonstration of Splatoon 2's new mode, they hinted at another arena where the inklings will face off against a horde of octopus creatures in what looked like some kind of a stadium.

The video trailer didn't detail whether or not the objective would still be the same and Power Eggs would still be the objective, but it would be really cool if Nintendo decided to mix it up by making each horde mode different from the next. This would easily give players an incentive to switch up the maps and modes and try out new things in Splatoon 2 instead of relying solely on just recycling the same concepts and play-styles each time around. Besides, the originality and variety is ultimately what will lure in gamers to keep coming back and playing with friends, along with the rewards... whatever they may be.

In addition to this, they also introduced more Amiibo for Splatoon 2, and they could play a role in helping out in the horde modes, given that they will be able to accompany players into the battlefield as an NPC ally. This could really add a lot of depth and strategy to how players take on the different modes and features in Splatoon 2, assuming the Amiibo aren't game-breaking cheats.

Splatoon 2 is set to release this summer on July 21st for the Nintendo Switch.