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Who's Actually Making Nintendo's New Pikmin Game

Colorful critters from Pikmin

During the most recent Nintendo Direct, the publisher revealed that a new Pikmin game is heading to the 3DS. However, it turns out that Nintendo won't actually be developing it.

According to a recent report from Eurogamer, the folks responsible for making Hey! Pikmin for the 3DS are none other than Arzest, the studio behind another portable side-scrolling adventure by the name of Yoshi's New Island.

Leading into the latest Nintendo Direct, the folks over at The Big N said that fans would learn all sorts of info about upcoming Switch titles Splatoon 2 and Arms. They were actually holding quite a few cards up their sleeve, though, as a whole bunch of other announcements also popped up throughout the presentation. Amidst that whirlwind of announcements was a brief section for Hey! Pikmin, in development for the 3DS. Everybody pretty much assumed Nintendo was developing the game in house but, as it turns out, they've passed the project on to the team at Arzest.

Some folks are a bit wary now, as Yoshi's New Island wasn't exactly a critical darling. But just because the team didn't quite nail the formula of a beloved Nintendo game series doesn't mean they won't crack the code that is Pikmin.

What's interesting to note is that, way back in 2015, Nintendo announced that a fourth Pikmin game was in development. As the original post points out, it was assumed at the time that said game was being developed for the Wii U, which was still puttering along at the time. In other words, despite the fact a platform was never discussed for Pikmin 4, it's not seeming super likely that this 3DS game was the one being discussed at the time. So, hey, maybe we'll see a full-fledged Pikmin game hitting the Switch at some point.

Until then, we've still got Hey! Pikmin to look forward to, a game that was specifically developed with the 3DS in mind. We're intrigued by the idea of a Pikmin game on the go and are happy to give Arzest a chance to prove they've got the potential to create some Nintendo magic of their own.

That being the case, we'd be interested in hearing what our readers think about all of this. The Pikmin series is pretty niche, after all, so we imagine that dedicated crowd is going to be difficult to please even if Nintendo was at the helm.

But that brings up another question: Should Nintendo keep bringing outside developers in to create sequels or spin-offs of their first party games, especially considering the fact that most of them aren't too well received?

Let us know your thoughts on all of that in the comments below.

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