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Is This The Worst Nintendo Switch Game So Far?

We don't hear much about some of the other third-party indie games and off-brand games that have released for the Nintendo Switch. Some might be low-key sleeper hits while others might be avoiding the spotlight because they're just all around bad.

In the case of Vroom in the Night Sky from Poisoft for the Nintendo Switch, the game is being pelted with loads of negative reviews for a myriad of reasons, one of which includes the terrible translation. YouTuber Clyde Mandelin put together a 12 minute video highlighting how bad the translation is, and how things stayed bad even after the developer tried patching the game.

The 3D title is similar to Nights into Dreams, where players must fly around and collect stars as magical girls riding on magical bicycles. The awful dialogue and bad graphics don't make it easy to get into, though.

In one exchange a character says "The forest suits you!", another character asks "I look like a fairy in the forest?" and the first responds "It means you are a clown!"

I think the proper translation might have been "You are an amateur"... maybe? The current context of the conversation doesn't make sense, but I'm assuming it was supposed to relate to the skills of one of the characters flying around in the forest (hence the reference to looking like a fairy in the forest). In that way, it would seem more likely that the text was misconstrued and they put "clown" instead of "amateur"? Maybe? It doesn't really matter because a bunch of the conversations are like this in Vroom in the Night Sky.

It seems like the localization consisted of running all the text through a machine translator like Google Translate.

In one instance, the description of one of the motorcycles that the magical girls can ride, reads...

"All ages and countries, Magical Girls admire for this big naked-type Magical Bike. This Magical Bike is the object of great admiration."

The dialogue exchanges between the characters are pretty bad all throughout the video, and a lot of the conversations just make no sense whatsoever.

It basically just gets worse throughout the video, with a collection of conversational exchanges that prove that Vroom in the Night Sky translation process was quite awful.

The translation issues are only part of the problem, though. Both professional and enthusiast critics absolutely lambaste the game as one of the worst games on the Switch at the moment. They complain about the graphics being absolutely dreadful, the gameplay being mundane and boring, and the overall presentation being lackluster. A general theme throughout the reviews is "Why did Nintendo greenlight this to appear on the Switch?" It even carries a poor 3.9 out of 10 from users and an 18 out of 100 from the professionals on Metacritic. It's pretty safe to say that this is the worst game on the Nintendo Switch so far.

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