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Nintendo's Stock Has Hit A Major High

Monster Hunter XX

(Image credit: Capcom)

The release of the Nintendo Switch has been nothing but a huge boon of success for Nintendo. However, it's not just the Switch that has managed to bolster the appeal of Nintendo as a business. The announcement of a certain game coming to the Switch has allowed Nintendo's stock to hit a major high.

CNBC is reporting that Nintendo's stock rose 5.84% to $301 after Capcom announced that Monster Hunter XX would be making its way from the Nintendo 3DS to the Nintendo Switch. The game is the sequel to the 2015 outing that originally came out in Japan, and then it eventually made its way to the Nintendo 3DS in North America in 2016. The game received a number of updates throughout the year with lots of free DLC, including costumes, outfits and weapons based around popular Nintendo properties such as Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, and Star Fox.

Monster Hunter isn't necessarily the biggest property in the West, but it's absolutely huge in Japan. The announcement that one of the best selling franchises in Japan coming to the Nintendo Switch, combined with the sustained success of the Switch's surge in sales since its release in March has helped Nintendo's stock skyrocket.

According to Gamespot, Nintendo hit a seven-year high, a figure they haven't been able to achieve since they were winning seventh-gen gaming with the Wii back in October 2008. All throughout the Wii U era Nintendo's stock basically just tumbled as the system failed to take off.

The announcement of Monster Hunter XX giving Nintendo that extra boost even though it's only been announced for a release in Japan shows just how much clout the series has as far as market worth is concerned.

The game is an upgraded version of Monster Hunter X, which is known as Monster Hunter Generations in the West. The game features additional monsters, weapons, and some brand new exclusive features to the Switch, such as the ability to link with the Nintendo 3DS through cross-play. In fact, you can link up your Nintendo 3DS and use it as a controller to play Monster Hunter XX on TV mode for the Switch.

Alternatively, you can use the Nintendo 3DS to link to the Nintendo Switch and play in two player mode. They also have support for up to four-player cooperative play where you can link to two 3DS units together with two Switch units, or mix and match with a number of Switch units and 3DS units to make up for four players.

Even though the stock for Nintendo has skyrocketed following the continued success of the Switch and the announcement of a new Monster Hunter game for Nintendo's new system, Capcom hasn't announced if there will be a copy of the game released in the West for Europeans and Americans.

A lot of gamers wondered if Nintendo would make it possible to link together 3DS and Switch units together, and it appears as if that was part of their plan all along. Moving over more ports from the 3DS to the Switch means that we could be seeing more cross-platform compatibility between the two Nintendo devices. If Monster Hunter managed to boost up Nintendo's stock in such a big way, one could only imagine if Nintendo announced a Pokemon game for the Switch.

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