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Nintendo held a "global testpunch" for their upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive ARMS. Quite naturally there were a lot of people trying to log on to play the game and find their favorite once they got settled in. Well, the stats are out and we now know who the most popular fighters were during the beta weekend. Ninjara and Minmin won the weekend.

The official Twitter account for ARMS rolled out the stats, in Japanese mind you. The tweet reveals that the most played character during the beta was Ninjara, the ninja-themed fighter with a fairly normal slate of default arm attachments. Close in second place was Minmin.

The stats aren't too surprising given that Ninjara is obviously one of the more agile characters on the roster and he has very standardized arm attachments that make him easy to pick up and play for newbies, but hard to master. His ability to also disappear during mid-air dodges made him a great pick for counter-punchers and those who enjoyed his ease of maneuverability around the arenas.

Minmin, alternatively, came in a close second to Ninjara. It's unsurprising given that her dragon arm attachment was absolutely deadly in the right hands. Each character has their own specialized attachments, and Minmin's attachments allowed her to zone her opponents in ways that other characters can't. The dragon arm can fire a laser when charged, allowing her to block off a route of escape from an opponent. She can then use her other arm attachment to wallop or counter-punch. In the right hands, Minmin is easily one of the most effective crowd-controllers in ARMS.

However, despite their popularity, both Ninjara and Minmin were not the best when it came to win/loss ratios. In fact, according to Polygon the character who racked up the most wins was Mechanica. That's another unsurprising stat, given that Mechanica has some super heavy-hitting arm attachments. Not only that, but she's classified as a heavy character, so knocking her down is really, really hard. What she lacks in agility she makes up for in her ability to tank hits and hit back extra hard. I'll admit, she was the hardest character I faced off against in ARMS and I had a tough time figuring out how to put her down.

Of course, this is one of the highlights of Nintendo's ARMS... that the game focuses on putting players in a position where they constantly have to think and rethink how they battle an opponent. It could end up being one of the surprise sleeper hits of June given that the Nintendo Switch doesn't have many big games on the horizon that month. Plus, ARMS is a surprisingly engrossing and fun game due to the layers of the combat. The motion controls are also a lot more intuitive than one would have imagined, and the online lobby is fast and easy to use.

If the Nintendo Switch has more games like ARMS on the horizon it could have a very strong library of noteworthy games on the way.

While the global testpunch may have concluded for this weekend, they have one more weekend of testing set to take place later this week for the Nintendo Switch exclusive. ARMS is due for release next month, on June 16th.

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