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We knew from the Super Mario Odyssey reveal trailer that the mustachioed plumber's trademark red cap would be playing a big role in the next adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom and lands beyond. Thanks to the E3 2017 trailer, though, we now have a better understanding of its wide scope of abilities.

Obviously, Mario's hat isn't exactly "normal" in Odyssey. We know this because, well, it has eyes instead of the usual "M" logo. Also, in the reveal trailer for the game, we saw Mario toss it into the open air, where it became a platform for him to jump across. But it turns out the cap has even more tricks hidden up its sleeve. Like, a lot more.

In the new trailer, we see Mario use his cap to bash baddies, collect items and even possess a large number of other characters. We see Mario flick his cap onto a human, a Bullet Bill, a frog and even a T-rex, giving him the ability to control these various entities. One example of how this effects gameplay is that, as a Bullet Bill, Mario can head off course from the projectiles usual trajectory in order to reach an area of the level he would not otherwise be able to make it to.

When the trailer got rolling, I didn't know if we were seeing footage for the Switch Monster Hunter game, or perhaps an entirely new IP set in the Jurassic era. I mean, Mario trailers don't usually begin with a dinosaur stomping through a field. But as the dino unleashes a mighty roar, we see a familiar cap resting on the beast's head, thus kickstarting a trailer absolutely packed with cap-related antics. Seriously, the number of things that red cap can do is a little overwhelming at this point, but we imagine it will make perfect sense once we get the game in our hands and see the puzzle-like levels laid out before us.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait much longer to dive into Mario's latest adventure, as Nintendo has confirmed the game is indeed coming out this year. The Mario Odyssey trailer ends with an Oct. 27 launch date, perfect timing to get onto store shelves in time for that holiday rush. If the publisher can actually ramp up the availability of the Switch console heading into the fall, then 2017 promises to end on a very, very high note for Nintendo.

So, readers, what did you think of all of those cap abilities? Are you looking forward to taking them for a spin when cap abilities? Are you looking forward to taking them for a spin when Super Mario Odyssey launches later this year, or are you waiting for a few more game announcements before picking up a Switch? Let us know in the comments below.

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