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Nintendo's indie lineup is strong

One of the best reasons to own a Nintendo Switch in these early goings has been the console's indie library. It looks like that support will continue to grow, as Nintendo has announced a "Nindies Showcase" will be hit the internet tomorrow, Aug. 30.

Set to arrive just before PAX West kicks off, the Nindies Showcase will air tomorrow at 10 a.m. PT. Nintendo has offered no information on what games we can expect to see in the showcase; so it might include all new reveals or a mixture of known quantities and surprises.

No matter what they reveal, though, we imagine at least some of those titles will be playable at PAX in the coming days. Nintendo has already revealed a "Nindie Arcade" will be ready for all comers on the show floor, and they're also hosting a [email protected] event on Aug. 31. We're pretty excited not just by Nintendo's embracing independent games this generation, but the fact that they're allowing them to take center stage like this. Sure, everyone is excited for games like the recently launched Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, but those types of games get to shine at shows like E3 and the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Using PAX West as a platform to roll out the indies is a solid game plan in our book.

Nintendo showed off some solid forward thinking when it's come to indies this generation. Games like Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2 and ARMS have been great, but indie titles are what has kept the eShop rolling these first six months. Sure, you could have comfortably played Nintendo-published titles exclusively since the Switch's launch, but we appreciate the variety we've seen offered by smaller games like Overcooked: Special Edition, Fast RMX, Thumper, Snake Pass and the utterly fantastic Shovel Knight. Games like these definitely stand on their own two feet, but they're even better when played alongside Nintendo's biggest hits. There's just something about being able to play these games on the go that is turning the Switch into the best platform for indies out there.

In case you want to tune in for the live event, all you have to do is head on over to the official Nintendo feed and take a gander when it goes live tomorrow morning. The style will be similar to your average Nintendo Direct, so expect to see a bunch of games in a relatively short period of time. As for what to expect, we leave that for you to speculate on in the comments below. Also, if you have a favorite indie game currently available on the Switch, feel free to sing its praises. We're always in the market for hidden gems.

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